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  1. As the topic says, if you put a medium generator on a rover you won't be able to turn it on/off when you drive.
  2. It's possible to send back resources that you got from scrap. If you don't take them off and you use the send back command: the trade platform will adhere to old trade mechanics and only send back half the amount of resources. To reproduce: Send a scrap for 2 malachite, wait till it returns: DON'T take off the resources and send the trading platform back again It will come back with 1 malachite because that's the trade dynamic that used to exist for malachite.
  3. that was the only real dissapointment in this update ?
  4. As of now, platform B has become platform A which seems more logical but also that means it doesn't have 2 slotted sides to hold adjacent medium storage. Which means that a player who is new isn't going to immediately understand that modules will try to fetch and return processed nuggets with the higher modules, how will we teach them ?. But people maybe dont want to directly spend research bytes on platforms b and c, is it also possible to make it work for powerconnected medium platforms with medium storages on them. as it is now, modules won't see the available slots
  5. I also tried it on the normal rover and it has the same problem. and I'm sure I read in the patch notes of 0.8.0: Position indicators have been removed from vehicles, so be sure to print Beacons and slot them on your Vehicles if you intend to walk very far away! I didn't play 0.8.0 much beyond the tutorial, was this actually not working there as well?
  6. yes that is the new absolute keybinding, since that's present I have never been able to use it because I can't remap these keys, I have to use old style.
  7. Also I notice that the small fabricator is unlocked in the real games, but you don't really make in the tutorial!
  8. Now that beacons are currently the only way to make sure you can spot a vehicle from afar, it's tragic that the beacon actually stops functioning when put on the buggy. It should maybe even has it's own vehicle icon when you attach it ?
  9. What I notice in 0.8.0 is that it has changed a bit but it still annoying/ when you change your hotkeys to suit azerty: - loading savegames will still reset them - tutorial will reset them -exiting game and relaunching witll reset them as well. (so that's an additional step) Also: Still the "absolute steering" will not adhere to hotkey changes. you need to use the old style steering.
  10. I've got some other erros that are in lieu of the previous, but I've seen the english tutorial in the mean while, and I noticed that all the translations were correct after all, and it's the original language that is somehow wrong. why is everying displayed as if it's in progress ? like Unlocking blueprints, or printing items ? You have to do these actions after all.
  11. Well the continuation can be seen already because you have all stuff from the tutorial unlocked when you begin a new savegame. I guess it's a bit too early to talk about this but it was something that was on my mind. I'd also like to make a correction to what I mentioned about "auto unlocking" things. It's not collecting resin that causes the can to unlock, but it happens when you unlock the tethers. But my comments about that still counts. It's kinda weird to just have stuff auto-unlocking in front of your eyes for the sake of "tutorial". Because that teaches you wrong things. (wish I could just edit the first post so I could correct the details)
  12. In general I like the semi hand holding tutorial that also requires you to free roam and to look at all the ui highlights in order to present you with different aspects of the game. It all comes together prety well but i've go a few remarks in the "learning game mechanics" department: - how does our astroneer suddenly get the recipe for the "can" ? It magicly appears when you have enough resin after you managed to get the research power restored. But there's no iterative process involved as to what causes you to unlock the can. By auto unlocking a can when you dig up resin, players are going to think they're unlocking catalog items by collecting resources, which is kind of a confusing lesson. Then you have the data vault which contains the chair unlock So maybe we should be able to find the can and the chair in the same vault to avoide giving players the wrong impressions about the mechanics ? So that it's lcear that you unlock the can from vaults instead of it magicly unlocking from resin collection.It's also maybe helpful to telegraph the launchpad embedded large platform as "being able to receive small generators". When you are required to build the chair, this will drive that point home for new users. Afterthoughts about the continuum of the tutorial: What I Do find cool is how you have to use your thought processes to overcome the red (undiggable) terrain in the cave to get to the vault. This requires you to explore and that is the main core of the game. But because the tuorial is semi handholding in that you have to do some successive actions, it's not clear before you have done the extracting resin/create can tutorial bit. How does the tutorial fit into the continuum ? You crashland on barren, and it seems to be something that is outside our main starting astroneer universe. Yet when you start a real save, you'll also be lanched in the same pod but for whatever reason you DON't crash. And then you're having the things from the tutorial unlocked. So will the tutorial fit more into the universe ? Will you, - when you return to barren later - see the tutorial environment again ? Because that would mean that barren has to be a "fixed moon" with no random terrain generation. I'm just theory crafting here. Or will there be a dedicated introductionary planet ?
  13. also, "burried outpost" translates better to "bedolven voorpost". That's a very specifc meaning. "begraven voorpost" (like it is now) comes across as if you did a funeral for that outpost. That's not the message we want to get across. To imply this has been a natural cause , we use the word "bedolven"
  14. Here, the same problem, it has to be "Terreein Aanpassen"
  15. that's because of the new "absolute steering" issue where the hotkeys are hardcoded, if you turn that off it will adhere to your hotkeys settings. But then you'll have the "camera steering" from before, there's no ther way for me to drive at this moment because of this. Also the keybinds are a bit weird. Now I have to reset them each time I start but it doesn't seem to reset anymlore as I load games. It's a step closer to the solution