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  1. I just found this, I haven't tried to build something in it to test, but will be doing so. Anyone else? I searched through the forum but I could not find it, but I could have failed really bad on that.... The platform to the left ready to build a printer is not attached to the base. It doesn't bug me that much but here it is...
  2. Jackson07EtaG

    ROAD MAP - Mega Thread

    I already got lost in this game quite some times, but after seeing this roadmap... I think I'm gonna get even more... Great game guys.
  3. Jackson07EtaG


    You are right. Performance is important and these additions come later. Developers already said that they want to hear the input, but they have a very clear idea of what they want the game to be and to feel. And from what I understand, exploration is the key word. Or as Buzz would say "Too infinity and beyond..."
  4. Jackson07EtaG


    Hummm... rather interesting actually, thanks man... I give you a THUMBS UP The potatonium... Pls devs... please (that was great...) That drawing was great, I bet one of the continents was moving... and the other one was growing and shrinking.... OH WAIT!!!! Next step... VOLCANOS???? ERUPTIONS?? EARTHQUAKES???
  5. Jackson07EtaG


    First, DragonAstroneer, Thank you for putting this all together. - Currency makes sense to me depending on the purpose you could use it. - Planet difficulty yes, increased chances of survival? How would that work? survive bigger falls, bigger oxygen supply (not unlimited) and increased health vs "NPCs"? yeah it makes some sense in that way... I think that planet difficulty should not be so much focused on survival itself, but on puzzle/problem solving for example... - weapons, yeah ok, but I would honestly like to have a way to not need them ever... I don't know, it kinda feels out of place in this game... The way I see it is, when I first saw this game, it made my mind drift so far and so fast, that not until now I asked myself about weapons in this game... But that's just how I felt - If you plant a satellite, the surface map makes sense to me. If you launch a recon drone on the caves, it also makes sense. But I would only make the tunnels permanently visible on map if you placed tethers... IMO - I would focus the drone on Personal Assistance tasks like carrying a small amount of resources, back and forth between vehicle and base, without communication straight to vehicles or base, if you request something to be brought to you and is out of stock, it would come back empty. - Reward System Even with all the information sharing about the game, some of the findings are actually quite tough to get to, or even find. Like the random dead stuffs in caves with the dynamite. The rewards would basically mark important milestones in exploration like: . Interplanet travel; . new solar systems; . dead stuffs (you are not alone after all, I nearly shit myself xD); . salvager (for using wrecks on your own base build); . digger (a really big amount of digging and not just around resource pits, like for construction purposes such as ramps in caves or mountains for vehicles); . builder (a really big amount of terrain building). - Bigger habitat, yes please... - Miscellaneous, yes please... Then I have other suggestions, simple ones: 1 - Beacons We now how devs feel about chats and communications in game (look on podcast stream on youtube). I agree, it fits the style not to even introduce any text. So I would suggest like an arrow system on the side of the beacon symbol when you are next to it, where you can choose between the resource symbols, and or vehicles machinery (for crash sites, research pods etc.) 2 - Backpack I think one of the devs mentioned in a stream about a bigger backpack for late game? I agree, with the option, I would just say a little bit sooner, maybe after your first successful out of world trip (a nice reward).
  6. agreed, would maybe just make a rule like 50% of resources spent on that build, and in case of odd number, would round down...
  7. Jackson07EtaG


    jet packs, oh hell yes... but not too soon into the game...
  8. Jackson07EtaG

    Developers/ Game Ideas

    THUMBS UP to all of these. It would be fun if you could have like a small AI drone (land or air) to follow you for those small things. They could carry small amounts of resources. And you should be able to send them back to base or vehicle to gather or store resources. I would add also that the drone should not be able to immediately communicate with base, so if you requested an item that you didn't have, it would come back saying "you were out of stock on ...".
  9. Jackson07EtaG

    First person

    THUMBS UP! (but I think the devs are aware of it, it would be just more of a matter of time)
  10. Jackson07EtaG

    Unlimited oxygen re-breather

    I like this.... THUMBS UP I also like the dome thing... and you should be able to customize it... at least long down the road or with mods... THUMBS UP I think it would make it too unnatural to the game experience... Sorry mate... But at least we got something else from it