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    Astroneer not saving

    I ay astroneer on the xbix and when i logged off it to olay another game i made sure it saved by going in the hapit and going back out to make sure it saved. I pressed quit to main menu and after a second it freezes for a couple secondes and after 20 secondes it loads ir saves again bit i wrmt back on the game and it spawned me on a complete new map.
  2. Criptek Junkiez

    Astroneer not saving

    Rip. Thought those were for future characters. They need to make that more clear.
  3. Criptek Junkiez

    Astroneer not saving

    Every time i went off the game i went in my habitat to nake sure it saved but it did not.
  4. Criptek Junkiez

    Astroneer not saving

    I post this again to explain it a bit better to any developer who might be reading this. Mouse/keyboard? Controller? This does not affect to game or leads toward the bug Steam? Xbox? Xbox What were you doing leading up to this bug? Saving the game Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. Just go into your habitat and save the game. I always went into my habitat and went back out of it before i clicked on "quit to main menu". A new screen should show up now and at the bottom a circle that spins around. That circle, which means it is saving, freezes after a couple secondes and unfreezes after maybe 10 ish secondes. After this it spins again and brings you to the main menu. You should close the game because thats what i did. Launch the game again and launch your character (i tried using the same character i used before but even that did not work) and it should bring you to a newly generated planet.