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  1. That's been there as far as I have experienced, I spent most of my time on Barren in caves looking for coal to hoard, the poison emitters have been like that.
  2. Im far from my computer so I can't play Astroneer right now, I'm really curious on what the new features were other than the ones listed in the Patch notes
  3. Like Wyvyrias said, those were all in the game, but changed/removed. Although the stuff looks cool, I think the design of the things right now is better
  4. I hoard Coal and Lithium so much, Hydrazine shouldn't be a problem.
  5. I like the idea of it, so basically abandoned habitat bases that aren't fully functional but have some resources and all, cool!
  6. They could also add a Astro-Quad, so basically a Bike with 4 wheels, I know, sounds like a rover but just like the bike it won't have storm-protection but it will have 2 storage slots, just for 2 things.
  7. I think it would be cool if System Era made a reactor kinda thing, for like Hydrazine or if they decide to add nuclear that too. It should be big like a battery and it should have generator-like looks to it, 4 slots on top of it that you put Hydrazine on and it converts it into power, for your base or for yourself. BUT it will definitely destroy the use of a generator, so I'm just putting this idea out there for fun...
  8. I support strongly, I myself have made a small mistake in my base and I wanna correct that mistake but sadly there is no way to destroy the thing I made.
  9. I believe 30 posts makes you an Advanced Member
  10. I remember a while back they said that there would be updates every week or so, It's almost been 9 days since the last update, so let's hope the delay is worth it
  11. For me they don't allow 1-seaters as Spaceship seats, the take-off button doesn't work, but when I put a Habitat it works.
  12. They haven't updated in a while, which also makes me impatient but at the same time it could mean that they are doing more work on the game, like big features. I know that @SES_Adam has added some nice space station wrecks in the livestreams, I hope some major features like Deconstructable Base Platforms and Backpack Upgrades, Terraform Tool upgrades, etc. will come in the next update