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    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    Adding to the naming consistency, there is currently a Buggy, Medium Rover, and Large Rover. Where the Buggy should probably be named Small Rover, unless there is a different Small Rover in the works? The small shuttle should probably come with a special enclosed seat already attached. Since nothing else can currently be placed on top, it would prevent something accidentally being placed on it permanently. It might also serve as a guide for building the next tiered shuttle that does need a seat added. Also, if the small shuttle already came with the special enclosed seat it would then match all the awesome artwork that has the shuttle on it. #branding Last I checked (~0.8.0?), placing 2 enclosed single seats on the medium shuttle left a little gap in-between them that made me sad. Could a printer be added that can print the same equipment as the backpack? Currently the backpack can be a bottle neck when mass printing. Personal opinion, I see rovers as a mid game item and since they have batteries they should require lithium.
  2. ChunkySpaceman

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    Naming for clarity: Have the medium printer print medium things. The small printer be the backpack. The large printer print the large things. etc. Remove "small" from the oxygen tank as it suggests there are larger tanks. Currently this is the only object to be named a size, without a differently sized version available. If gas canisters will one day be crafted then rename the current canister to "soil canister"
  3. ChunkySpaceman

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    Resource recipes should be shown in the research backpack on a 5th tab. ie. Quartz + Smelting Furnace = Glass. Maybe later the recipes could be unlocked by researching the resource first. ie. Research Quartz for 30 bytes and unlock the formulas associated with Quartz. That way the backpack isn't spoiling anything? (Say if astronium were to build something cool that the game wouldn't want to spoil.) The Required Card on the backpack could instead show the recipe when hovered over the resource. When deleting active research, show a second prompt to confirm deleting research OR auto shut the cover on the button after starting research. Why? Some of us double click out of habit which starts research and immediately deletes it. Sliders on the menu UI for things like music volume. Clicking 50 times is something EXO would make us do. lol Language select on the menu ui? If the other ui stuff is fixed then a nice change to the backpack printer ui would be to show only items that could be printed with what is on your backpack. Or some grid system that is sorted up/down for resource and left/right for printable. Allow the small shuttle to ONLY reach Barren to gather materials needed to build the next shuttle to get to the rest of the planets? Pizza Textured Space Suit for ChunkySpaceman.
  4. ChunkySpaceman

    Energy Priority Bug

    When in a truck with energy and next to a tether. If previously using the truck's energy and then moving next to a tether, the game continues to use the truck's power until it is dead and then switches to power from the tether.
  5. Having colored tethers would help when mining deep where vehicles cannot not easily reach.
  6. ChunkySpaceman

    Stuck in (non-deployed) Habitat

    This has happened to me too on PC, The habitat worked fine when attached to the shuttle, but once on the ground it bugged out and I cannot exit.