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  1. I think I started that particular save on But I'm not certain. Also, this could be something that's only affecting my save, or only a select number of saves. Or maybe It has nothing to do with the version of the game ... I don't know.
  2. ivo215

    Steam Topseller

    There was a German guy streaming it on twitch yesterday, with >25.000 viewers. Maybe he reached some new astroneers.
  3. I loaded up my save which I last played in v.0.2.115 with the newer expirimental version 0.2.117, and thethers don't seem to work anymore. They no longer light up blue and my astroneer will no longer tether to them. System: PC, Win7 Pro, Steam i5 3570k, GTX970, 2560x1440p, 16GB RAM So I loaded my 0.2.115 save in 0.2.117. Thethers are drak as if they're unpowered. In this screenshot I had already picked them up, put them into my backpack and then replaced them in their line. But replacing them had no effect. Returning to the base, I do seem to thether up to the base. But not to the tethers. And to make things more confusing, when approaching the base to within tethering range, I do get thethered via the inactive tethers. But only because I'm in range of the base, and would have tethered to the base regardless of the presence of these tethers. Right. So what if I craft brand new tethers? Those should be from the current version and should work, right? Nope! Crafting fresh tethers produces the same thethers that do not work... Last test! What if I started a brand new game in version 0.2.117? I quickly grabbebn some compound, and yes! In a new game that was created in v 0.2.117 tethers work again. It would appear that the world will have to be created in this version for tethers to work. So my conclusion is there is (or at least can be) a compatibility issue with 0.2.115 saves running in version 0.2.117 Unfortunately, this means I can't continue my old game in the newer version. Unless I decide to turn it into a no-theters challenge. Yes, I know version 0.2.117 is experimental.
  4. ivo215

    Changing language

    Oh, I don't mind my own language either (Grüße aus die Niederlande). It's just that the translations aren't very good. A lot seems to get lost in the translation, and some of it is just ... wrong. Sometimes things are just better in the original language. Like most movies. I do believe this issue is already on the dev's radar, and adding a language option to the menu is somewhere on their list. But this isn't a performance issue, bug, something that could make the game crash, or anything like that. So I suspect it won't be at the top of their list.
  5. ivo215

    Changing language

    @Proxy Dude, THANK YOU ! This works! I had already found that setting, and attemted a "-en" modifier. But that didn't work of course. It's not so simple if you don't know the correct variable and value to set.
  6. ivo215

    Found some new flora (new for me)

    @Vin The Butcher I did dig up the whole plant. Maybe I should have made a screenshot of that too. It's kind of an anemone dug into the ground with only it's top showing. I researched the research the plant had on top, but I've already researched everything, so nothing new there. @CherubimCW & @Cardinal Lord Zebra Ball is very demanding. To prove my worthiness he demanded I'd construct him a pedestal so he could keep watch over his dominion and pass judgement on all. Lord Zebra Ball grows more and more demanding. A mere pedestal won't keep him content for much longer. I fear he might demand a tower next, and he might burst into flames ... @Martin That's sort of the whole idea. But it wasn't filled up with only researcheables. There were 4 storage units on the other side, and they were only half full. And a seat and solar panel on each end, and 2 batteries to drive through the night with. This was only 12 researcheables. If I'd leave the storage units and batteries at home this rig could haul 18 of them. I dare not attach a 4th truck at this time (would give room for 26). Adding more vehicle connections seems to be very taxing on performance in the current version (PC). If your game ever starts getting extreme lag spikes all of a sudden, try uncoupling all vehicles. That usually fixes it.
  7. ivo215

    A compass sort of item

    I kind of like the challenge on going out there, somewhere, and then later being able to find my way home regardless of where I am. You can navigate using use the stars in the sky. Their direction of travel will tell you which way is east or west. And the angle the milky way is at in the sky will help you gauge your longtitude. If the milky way is straight over head, you are on the equator. But when you move towards the poles the angle of the milky way in the sky will change.
  8. Look up. You can use the milky way to guide you. If it is straight over head, then you are on the equator. Move towards the poles and the angle of the milky way in the sky will change. This way you can guess your longtitude just by looking up. By the movement of the milky way you can see which way is east and which way is west. If you know roughly at which longtitude your base is, and you know roughly in which direction you've travelled, you can also find your way back again. Leaving a trail of beacons behind also helps. Even if you're elready lost, do that. You can look back at them to make sure you're travelling in a straight line.
  9. ivo215

    New Planet!

    Actualy landing on a gas giant would be quite the challenge. It would need to have a solid core to land on. It is speculated that Jupiter and Saturn have a molten rocky core. Let's argue that the pressure wouldn't crush your capsule or suit, and the heat wouldn't cook you or melt your base. Then you would be in a perpetual storm. Because of their high mass it's more common for gas giants to have multiple moons. That could be interesting too. Perhaps we could meet some Slylandro.
  10. I believe it does the same as hematite: Nothing! (not yet at least).
  11. I went exploring with my rover, and amids a mountain range on terran I found this. I had not seen this one before. It was new for me. It looks like it belongs under water, attached to a reef or something. Inside was a dark purple research pod with red spots. I didn't think I had that one before either, so I placed a beacon and went back for it with my train of trucks. It was quite a trek. I do hope they improve the suspension on these trucks in a future update. And perhaps the elastic umbilicals between the trucks could be replaced by more sturdy coupling.
  12. ivo215

    Screenshot: Truck Load Pulls In

    Can we hijack your thread and turn it into the general screenshot thread? I'm using 3 daisychained trucks at the moment, with a seat on each end. Sometimes you get stuck on the rocks, and having another drivers' seat on the other end can help to pull it free again. I'll try to remember to make a screenshot of this thing loaded up with loot next time.
  13. ivo215

    Unlimited oxygen re-breather

    Unlimited oxygen will take away the challenge. It'll take away from the game. Perhaps if there are ever going to be difficulty modes? I would imagine: easy: Oxygen lasts double the time. normal: As it is now. Hard: Normal oxygen use, but your base and vehicles have a limited supply. Habitats and vehicles don't produce oxygen, but only come with a tank of it. Gather oxygen to replenish. Add large tanks to your base, like the batteries for energy. Your habitat comes with a limited tank of oxygen, enough to last a couple days to get started and gather some oxygen reserves, but not enough to supply you indefinitly. You'll need to make infrequent trips to gather oxygen to replenish your base's supply. Oxygen tanks on your base should last for days, otherwise it will dominate the game too much. Next build an oxygen generator to reach an unlimited supply of oxygen from your base. This oxygen generator would require power to function. This would add some dynamic to multiplayer as well. 2 players need double the oxygen and would need 2 oxygen generators to get their base to supply unlimited oxygen. Players will need to pull together as their initial supply from the habitat will run out quicker. Perhaps this "oxygen generator" should be more like an oxygen condensor, like the hydrazine condensor. Run it periodicly to replenish your base oxygen supply and fill up the tanks. It would also exclude it from being added to a vehicle, meaning you will need tanks on your vehicle (additional to the one it comes with) for the longer trips, or drive by oxygen sources and gather them. This should not be crippling the gameplay, vehicle O2-tanks should last quite some time and be relatively easy to fill back up.
  14. Short: The options menu could do with an option to choose your language. Long: I personaly prefer to game in English, so I don't have to deal with any translations that are off. I'm Dutch, my OS is set to Dutch, so I presume that is why the game defaults to Dutch as well. Now, the Dutch translations in the game are ... well ... let's just say the game is pre-alpha and that includes the translations. It's as if everything in game has been translated off site by someone who hasn't seen the game and isn't aware of the context. A few examples: - "thethers" (EN) have been translated to "boeien" (NL). "boeien" (NL) means either "cuffs", "shackles" or "bouys". Non of those meanings suggest it's supposed to be your lifeline. Though I'm not entirely sure what to suggest as a proper translation. Perhaps the best fit for "thethers" (EN) would be "ankers" (NL), which are "anchors" (EN). An "ankerlijn" (NL) translates to "mooring line". It's a bit poetic, but a better fit. - "research" (EN, noun) has been translated to "onderzoeken" (NL, verb). This isn't supposed to be a verb. This should be "onderzoek" (NL, noun). Although the meaning is clear enough. - I don't know what the English in game tag is underneath "coal" (EN), I presume it's "resource". "resource" (EN) has been translated to "hulpbron" (NL). This by the way is how google translate will translate it as well. Google translate is exceptionally poor at Dutch. "hulpbron" (NL) is not a word that should ever be used without any context. It means "auxiliary source" (EN). Source of what? Auxiliary to what? There is no one correct translation for "resource". That's a very broad term that could be used for money, building materials, etc. The correct translation depends on it's context. In this case the coal is used as a "fuel" (EN). The Dutch translation would be "brandstof" (NL). But this does imply it's getting burned. So unless you plan on adding exhaust fumes coming from the generator I would suggest to describe it as an "energiebron" (NL) which translates back to "energy source" (EN). - "power" (EN) has been translated to "stroom" (NL). But "stroom" (NL) is very specific for electric power in Dutch. It's actually slang (commonly used), as "stroom" (NL) means "amplitude" (EN) in the context of electricity, otherwise it's "stream" (EN). I would suggest "energie" (NL) as the best translation in this context.