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  1. andrycodestuffs

    Launch sattelites and station in the planet's orbit

    I wish that developers will see this post. Is there any idea in this forum section that was taken seriously from System Era?
  2. andrycodestuffs

    Launch sattelites and station in the planet's orbit

    Yes! Thanks for support and suggestions!
  3. andrycodestuffs


    Gravity strikes back
  4. This idea includes new base modules, "vehicles" and items Modules: Launch Module (Used to launch satellites and stations in the planet's orbit) "Vehicles": GPS Satellite (According to Global Positioning System and trigonometry rules, at least 2 satellites are needed to use the GPS Recevier) Orbital Station (Self explanatory) Items: GPS Recevier (Locate you in the planet) CRAFTING: Launch Module (4 Titanium) GPS Satellite GPS Transmitter (Suggestion please) Satellite Frame (4 Titanium or Aluminium) 2x Solar Panel (4 Compound in total) Orbital Station Orbital Station Frame (4 Titanium or Aluminium) 2x Solar Panel (4 Compound in total) GPS Recevier (2 Aluminium) The Orbital Station is expandable
  5. andrycodestuffs

    Add much more resources

    Add resources and elements from periodic table
  6. Add the ability to move/remove buildings and extension nodes after they have been placed
  7. andrycodestuffs

    YES MANS SKY (My 2 cents)

    Agree whit everything you said
  8. andrycodestuffs

    Wireless Energy

    Module to transmit energy across two terminal: recevier and transmitter For istance: Useful for splitting the power plant from the habitable zone
  9. Create a science and chemistry based exploration to discover chemical elements, combine them to create new elements and use them to build stuffs. In conjunction with this add chemical buildings like "element combiner", "element extractor", ... Also tanks to contain elements (I know that is not realistic, but why not?)
  10. andrycodestuffs

    Plants and farming

    I was talking about the glass dome as a place for researching (maybe for researching on plants if they add them?) not as a replacement for the Research Building
  11. andrycodestuffs

    Plants and farming

    What about habitable glass dome for researching, living, ...?
  12. andrycodestuffs

    Some type of HUD would be Great

    Maybe a toggle for an hud?
  13. andrycodestuffs

    Plants and farming

    That's an amazing idea
  14. andrycodestuffs

    Plants and farming

    I would implement crops. plants and hunger system. The biodome or greenhouse could be fully modular so that can be built in multiple steps