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  1. My PC specs are: AMD FX 8350 CPU 16GB RAM MSI Radeon R9 270 GPU
  2. We also had this issue while playing on a multiplayer server. The ship flipped and since it was on our vehicle bay, it wasn't able to be used. We ended up flipping it over after around 30 minutes of pain and suffering.
  3. As I was running through the world to collect a research item, I began to suffocate. While I suffocated, I was still holding onto the object, and as I died, the research item carried all the way to my respawn point. Upon realizing this, I continued to test whether this was a one time glitch or not, and to my dismay, every time I died while holding the Unknown pod, it would return to my home spawn. I assume this isn't meant to be in the game, because it becomes very easy to take Unknowns without having to work very hard. If you want to to check this out yourself, empty your inventory and hold o