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  1. +1 Wyvrias. It is a handy tool to have available. Hint: You can pull those crashed satellites with the large solar panels
  2. This looks like a good bug to report in the bug section. Did you clip into the habitat and get stuck, or did it let you TAB in before it was set as an official base?
  3. Man...this sounds like a terrible (awesome?) idea to try on Barren...
  4. +1 to tyroney's response. I tried connecting a giant solar panel (crashed satellite?) to my base and had many lols. A rover acts as a good adapter to bridge the power.
  5. On Steam I had a buddy drop into my game while I was on Barren and he spawned at Terran. If this holds true in all instances you should be able to have someone drop into your game and bring you supplies to Barren...or enough fuel to get you back to Terran.
  6. I own both and I've enjoyed the experience more on Steam with a mouse and keyboard. I like that Steam receives the updates faster (reason for a more stable framerate currently?). The multiplayer fun factor is felt the same on either XBONE or Steam, with an equal amount of hilarious bugs atm.
  7. Rubens is right. A good work-around for this issue is to build your vehicle bay far enough away from your base to make the individual bubbles select-able from orbit. I use a new habitat to create a distant vehicle bay with fuel condenser and call it my "Launch Pad"...when I'm ready to blast off I rover over to the launch pad and start the countdown...
  8. Guys - They clearly posted their intent to be in early access for at least a few years. This is a marathon not a sprint. If you want immediate satisfaction to bugs and new content requests you'll need to look elsewhere.
  9. Daniel - We're all here to try to contribute to a better game in a constructive way. Please read the "Read this first" post in the bug section and document the issues you found related to framerate/performance drops. See here
  10. Lol OP. I hope you posted some tasty cheese (bug report) in the bug section to go with your 'wine' here.
  11. Chase - Are you on Steam or Xbox? Have you noticed this only happen in multiplayer or does it also happen in single player? Can you list any possible activities that may have caused the issue during your multiplayer sessions?
  12. Noah - Please read the "Read this first" thread for reporting bugs. Additional information about your issue is required. Specifically: Are you on Steam/Xbox? It sounds like you were able to reproduce, but more information about exactly when and what you were doing where you noticed lag/framerate drops is needed. Here's the link Think you found a bug in Astroneer and want to share it? Read this first.
  13. Luis - The framerate drops are a known issue for XBOX. System Era will be attempting to strike a balance between playability and content throughout the early access process. I would monitor their Trello and Blog for updates regarding plans for fixes, or you could always review patch notes as the game is iterated. If you really like the game and don't mind paying for it twice, I feel the framerate on the Steam version is a lot more stable (I own both so I'm speaking from experience). OburnE - He tagged it as XBOX, so no task manager available
  14. Zomb1e - By station do you mean "Habitat"? If you could clarify what the issue is I can try to replicate it on the XBOX. You lost me by mentioning shuttle, fuel condenser, and "station" at the same time. In general it would help to write bug reports using item names as they exist in the game and follow a certain format: Description: How it happened: Did you extend your base to where your shuttle had originally landed? Were you landing at the vehicle bay and maybe accidentally chose the original landing bubble, which caused you to land and clip onto your newly expanded base? Can it be replicated
  15. Nickyish is right. If you dig a small hole and then fill it in over yourself you'll clip through the ground. Sometimes you can spot your rover by doing this, and then plan a rescue mission.