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  1. natirupe

    Dropping through the map

    yeah, i dont know if i wanna this bug fixed, i'm really enjoy it.
  2. natirupe

    Dropping through the map

    It not was an accident, i found out how to made it intentionally
  3. but, can i carry it on the backpack?
  4. this is the bed in Terraria:
  5. (my english is broken i'm not a native speaker) I made a tunnel though the planet and every time that i want to go to the core, is very hard, i die many times, sometimes because bugs, and it drive me crazy. Do you know Terraria? In this game you can craft a bed and carry on to change the spawn point. Look, this is that i talk you:
  6. When you find a place that you wanna explore but it is hard, and you die many times, would be helpul to change the spawn point. So, you need an easy item to carry and use it, and switch it off to restore the old spawn point.
  7. natirupe


    I think the same!!!! I found the core, and digging throuth the entire planet, and i need a Jetpack, because i died many many times, only for touch a wall!!!
  8. natirupe

    Going through the entire planet

    Sorry, this is the video:
  9. Hi!! My english is a little broken, i 'm from Argentina, i made this video today, i did dig through the entire planet, it was awesome!!! I didn' t know where i can show you this. I love the game, i know it is in alpha stage, and still it is wonderful and addictive!!! Yes, there is some bugs, but, it' s normal in this phase of the project. This is the video: I want to congratulate you. Your game is now my favorite game.