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    Slight glitches with vehicles and etc.

    After playing a little bit more I have noticed that the game crashes very, very frequently. The most frustrating crashes happen when trying to enter a friends game or when you attempt to enter a vehicle. Crashes also happen when adding on to your base.
  2. Ever since my friends introduced me to this game I have been almost addicted to it, Astroneer is almost what I would call a masterpiece. Since this title is so good, it feels like a shame that I have to point this out. There are still a good amount of glitches, which is totally acceptable because it is still in an alpha faze. The main glitch that I have found is that whenever a non-host person spawns into the game, they will sometimes fall through the ground. This is not a huge problem since it doesn't break the game but it can be annoying. Traveling to another planet can also have the same results with some people. Everyone who is not the driver of a vehicle will see the vehicle glitch around instead of driving smoothly, also the crane will cause sever glitches for all non-host players. The frame rate can slightly decrease for the host player once other players load in or there is a certain amount of progress made in the game.