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    Update 0.9.0 - July 6th 2018

    Great update! I love the new research samples when starting out! One suggestion - can you please make it more evident when you're running out of O2 and suffocating? I love the new icons, but the low O2 icons are easily missed when you're focused on exploring or excavating. Thank you all ?
  2. Since the 5/8/18 update, the game will only launch on the secondary monitor on the PC version of astroneer running windows 10. Attempted unsuccessfully to switch the game to windowed mode to switch monitors, as well as restarting the game several times. in order to get the game to launch on the primary monitor, I had to disable the secondary monitor, start the game, then re-enable the secondary monitor.
  3. also experiencing this on PC for for individual material items and storage modules holding material items.