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  1. I think the stalagmites in the cave are just annoying, trying to get a truck down a cave becomes tedious. I think if the stalagmites fell over when hit by the truck instead of having to dig under them, the process of caving would be much less tedious. Maybe an item like the cattle guards on old trains could be researched and crafted to make this effect happen.
  2. mouse/keyboard, steam. After moving a slider in the audio settings all the way to the left, exiting and re-opening the settings menu, the sliders will all have moved all the way to the right. The sounds themselves don't reset; for example you won't hear music again unless you move the slider, even though it appears to be on.
  3. mouse/keyboard, steam. Fuel condenser had full power but was unusable, fixed by exiting to title menu and re-entering the game.
  4. I don't know, I don't have any friends that play astroneer, so unfortunately I can't test that.
  5. mouse/keyboard, steam. I put a seat on the arm of the crane, and found when I got in, the crane's arm extended and I was able to control the crane.
  6. mouse/keyboard, steam. I noticed Multiple shuttles rendering while orbiting a planet.
  7. I agree with the fact that the feature should be removed eventually, just not yet:
  8. I was typing it as you replied: Astroneer doesn't seem to me to be a competitive game. If there was competition, then I agree with you the mechanic should be removed. In my opinion, competition doesn't seem to be the direction the devs are taking the game.
  9. Picture as if life as a whole is the game, and chess is one game mechanic. As I stated before, unlike Chess, Astroneer is not a competitive game. That is why I believe it does not make a difference to leave the "Broken" game mechanic in the game. If someone was using an unfair mechanic to win games of CS GO, for example, the competitive nature of the game would be grounds for removing it. Anyways, we both seem to want the same thing, so there is no sense debating anymore.
  10. In my opinion, that doesn't make sense. Let's say for example you don't like chess. You wouldn't want to eliminate the game as a whole just because you don't like it would you? You would simply not play chess and then it wouldn't affect you. I would understand wanting to remove the fuel trade if astroneer was a competitive game, but it's not a competitive game. The way I see it removing the feature would take away from the experience of those who like it, but leaving it there wouldn't affect the experience of those who don't like it because they could simply not use it.
  11. I don't think it should be removed at all. You don't have to trade fuel, it's your choice. I happen to really like the fact that I can get resources easily that way. I agree completely. If you don't like fuel trading, don't trade fuel. A quote from a different forum post I really like: "It's only as broken as you make it".
  12. I always use the smooth tool to cover the top of holes that are near my base.
  13. I would like to see a feature to speed up time while in orbit similar to the time warp in Kerbal Space Program. It's tedious and boring to wait 10 minutes for the planets to get close enough together. Maybe there could be a module to research and put on the shuttle like a "cryostasis pod" or "warp drive". I would love to hear any thoughts about this.
  14. I was smelting 4 aluminum ore, and after 3 were finished I put a new one on the first slot. After it finished the new one there was a partially-smelted ore on the fourth slot when the machine ran out of power. I couldn't remove the ore or put anything new in that slot, the machine works with more power but completely ignores the fourth slot.