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  1. (More defined version of my last post about this) This game would be way more cooler if something similar to the CEO mode on Grand Theft Auto without the criminal aspect of it. This would make this game more in depth by giving us actual goals and jobs and making the trade/economy roadmap plan a lot more interesting. For instance, players might be doing shipping runs of some kind, mining resources or vehicles to sell, exploring in general, etc. All being conducted by the empire they own or work for and in return, they would earn money, coins, or some type of currency. It also will give the game a competitive multiplayer feature as companies or empires (whatever you wanna call them) will be competing with one another to earn money, expand their exploration and empire. And if players don't want to join or create a industry, they can just be free and play they game as they want privately by themselves or with friends.
  2. Found out about this game when I noticed my friend playing Astroneer just a few days ago. My curiosity led me into playing the free trial and ultimately buying the game later on after I was very impressed by what it has to offer. Extremely fun to play with other people (Some bugs and glitches helped :D) and the nature of sustaining the base was also very fun to do. After about... 10 hours of gameplay, here are my ideas. 1. Universal Economy - Rather than just the overall objective of the game being to build bases and exploring other planets, I feel like their needs to be some kind of feature where we can truly buy and sell items to players. Therefore many people can start producing certain things for the people that request them. Making the trading platform a little more detailed than it is at the moment. Perhaps even creating a feature that allows players to join or create their own space exploration, research, and resource companies. Kinda live the CEO stuff on GTA without the criminal aspect of it lol. So that there's some sort of competitive nature to the game as everyone attempts to build empires. (If this were to happen, I think more customization should be added to bases and astronauts) 2. Bigger Server - I think bigger servers would make this game more diverse and allow people not only to explore more planets and players in one game but also explore other bases and meet other players while traveling across the solar system. (Idk about trolling prevention, that's for devs XD) 3. Planet Naming - (This is only needed if Idea 2 is completed)... Maybe if your are the first group or person to find a planet your should have the option to name for a... pretty large fee. Obviously some words have to be limited and censored but I think it could give more meaning to the games title, "Astroneer." I hope these request aren't dragging it, but I think these ideas can add so much more depth to this game. I would love to know how my ideas are perceived in your replies!
  3. Your playing the wrong type of game if you want competitive PvP. This game's concept is all about players (astronauts) discovering the planets and objects, etc in their solar system. Not about showing of our K/D's and creating toxic communities in the process.