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  1. Do you mind explaining why you think this is bad animation?
  2. Astroneer is currently not available on Mac. I imagine there will be lots of issue with trying to play it on apple products.
  3. If you uploaded it to I would definitely buy one! Alternatively...if you want to ship one I will buy one!
  4. They answered a ton of questions! Here is a reddit link to some notes people already have about it.
  5. Please keep in mind the game is still pre-alpha and has only, at the time of this post, been out 1 week. The dev team has already put out a number of patches to fix the FPS issue. Everyones issue can/is different and they are trying to isolate all the issues. Please send a bug report or join over in the Patch notes mega thread to read more about it.
  6. Join us on the discord channel here!
  7. If you go back into the old dev streams there is a geothermal type of energy source, it was never explained though. I would say this is a place holder for future content.
  8. Got a wonderful spread sheet from tehMorag!! He spend a good 10 hours making it during a stream. Basically you can figure out what resources you need to bring with you to a new planet in order to make exactly what you want!
  9. To quote one of the devs: ZabirH [developer] I know it can be frustrating to not patch notes to track what we are updating, but our hair is on fire right now as we try to resolve the most egregious issues. It takes time and effort to properly track patch notes that we felt would be best put towards getting the fixes out. That being said, as things calm down over the next few days we'll certainly be keeping a log and submitting patch notes along with the patches.
  10. Just going to leave this here...
  12. A few fun things to use to test out game physics, a few pieces of art that the devs put in, a bunch of fun little discoveries as well as some things to collect for future content.
  13. The current wiki is something the devs set up way before launch. It has not been touched in a while and they are very aware that it needs work. It is something that we are hoping to get to after bugs are fixed and the hype calms down.
  14. Check out the road map
  15. Please read the roadmap