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  1. It would be fair to strategically implement tools that can also have uses combat wise like a laser cutter
  2. In another post I made, which talked about having robots and other helpful mechanisms, fell short on another I dea I had. It is to be able to buy/pay people and animals(AI) to help you work on planets. Like the trade module piece on the pod in the game, you could send up certain currency and recieve workers and helpers that have specific functions. Like miners, explorers and body guards to help you be more secure and make certain things(like dragging up 20 research able fragments from a cave) less tedious. They would have one of the four player models fit for their specific task. You can boss
  3. Me and my brother have been arguing about the game being too forgiving, my thought is that he is right, but for the wrong reason. He isn't right because the game is too forgiving, he's right because the game has no way to be less forgiving. We would like a hardcore mode to be implemented. To make us spawn on crazier, more deadly planets(like lava or ice or crazy weather patterns) would be very cool. Also to disable or hinder markers on the pod or on beacons. Going back to planets, I think that in the starting screen there should be arrows on the far right and left of the screen to allow you to
  4. I think that it should also have customization for colors on vehicles to signify faction or preference
  5. In this game we are given several dangerous plants to look out for, ones that throw poisonous gas, ones that protrude spikes, and ones that explode with acid. What this game needs is more helpful plants and even dangerous and helpful animals to give the worlds a spice of life. Giving us more caution and awe over them. These plants and animals should be made to survive specifically to their world and should have more than one meaning and ability. Farming should be implemented as well as things to help with farming. Considering that there would be more danger in the world, there should also be w
  6. I believe that if you are a person who plays alone on games like this one, as I am, then you should be able to design or create robotic friends and workers who can help you scavenge the world more quickly and efficiently. Thus creating a new feel for industrialization of the planets you explore. There should also be a narrating computer voice to make the announcements of specific icons that pop up at times to warn you and tell you when something is completed or nonfunctional. This would also be a great implementation to the co-op as well. All-in-all this game is great so far and I cannot wait