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  1. Hi All, Catch season 2 of Astroneer
  2. Hi everyone check out my latest series I have teamed up with Piedude to see what sort of trouble we can get in
  3. Hi Everyone, check out my latest video of me dying a lot in a moon cave and discovering new planets
  4. Hi All, check my latest video #10 Moon Exploration and research
  5. Hi Everyone Check out my latest Vid on truck upgrades and exploring the planet Cheers Hi
  6. Hi All check out my latest video on the different research pods that I have found so far in the game
  7. Hi everyone check out my latest Video enjoy
  8. Hi everyone catch my 4th episode, had to start over due to a few bugs with the world cracking and the power cells not being fully depleted watch episode 3. But this planet is great
  9. Hi all check out episode 3 enjoy
  10. Hi all Happy New Year. Catch episode 2 here
  11. Guys here is my first gameplay Video of this awesome game. Looking forward to the coming road map.