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  1. So i tried these, i got 70-80 fps but i have like fps drops all the time only when i walk. So i have 72 fps for example i walk then it goes to 20-30 for a second then it goes back up again. And so it repeats.
  2. i start with 50-60 fps but when i place a few tethers and explore a bit and make scructuresit is like 40-50 But i found something: If i stand still and look around it is solid 60 fps, but when i move a bit it is down again to 40-50 fps. Still searching for a solution.
  3. Very, very low fps. I searched many forums and watched many youtube vids but my fps is still at 20. Will this be updated soon, or does anyone have a solution? My specs are alright and definitly above minimum requirements.