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    The thing is, "profit" can be seen in several ways. For example, Lithium and Titanium are both rare resources that are relatively late game. This could be profit for the astronauts, and not necessarily money. An exoskeleton would make the game very overpowered. We already have the power to edit the terrain and the ability to jump higher or lift heavy objects would remove the point of not being able to lift those objects. Overall, I like your list, but try not to make the game more complicated. We can try and make the game better by adding features, but do not change the core gameplay.
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    Okay, so PvP, PvE, and currency don't sound at all like minecraft factions?? Jesus, think before you speak man. Think about it. Resources would be gone, space would be hard to come by, safety non-existant. There would abandoned bases everywhere and holes as well. The beautiful game we have right now would be destroyed. Players would be killing each other with their new "sentry guns" and shit. I am having difficulty seeing how you do not understand that.
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    I love your motivation, but most of your ideas revolve around other players, aliens, and large servers. You are making this game like Minecraft!! That is not what this game is about.
  4. Maybe. I don't know, I just don't like the idea of a lot of people on one planet, some with loads of tech and research, and some with nothing. Resources would run out really fast, and space, and research.
  5. I like your 3rd idea. However, I don't think companies and mass economies/trading was what this game was meant for. This is a game where you can relax, play with some friends, and expand to better horizons. Large public servers would bring about a lot of griefing and trolling.
  6. So, the main idea of Astroneer is Survival, but that also includes many other things in this game (such as Expansion, Exploration, getting resources, Researching, etc.). Another big part of this game is that there are no Aliens or enemy AI. Adding these to the game would ruin it in my perspective. This also means that adding turrets and traps (which I have seen many other people suggest) would be silly. The main point of this is to point out that this game is Not Minecraft, and many people postings threads need to understand that. So, with that in mind, here is a list of useless additions to help this game thrive but keep it's original message. Machines and Buildings~ •Suit Upgrader-Pretty Self- Explanatory, this machine would allow you to upgrade certain parts of your suit, (Terrain Tool, Oxygen Capacity, Power Capacity, etc.). This machine would require you to stand in it and click on certain parts of your suit. You could use compound for most of the upgrades. •Habitat (good one)- So, we all know the habitat currently in the game is what you use to start the game, and then it really serves no purpose except to hide from storms. What I'm suggesting is an actual building that has an airlock and a space to walk around. You would be able to expand it into different rooms and build certain machines inside the Habitat (maybe the Suit Upgrader?), mostly stuff that would make sense in a "household". Pretty much think of the Hab from The Martian. It would take a lot of compound to build and expand. •Space Station- The space exploration in this game is already amazing, but I think I speak for all of us when I say we want something more permanent when travelling. One way it could work is you print out a "Space Station" on a planet, and it looks like a big bundle of compound. I should also mention that this bundle only fits on a large storage just like a habitat. Once you get into orbit around a planet you will be able to click on the Space Station on your ship, then click a button on the top and watch it expand. Another way to do this would be to put your spaceship under the Vehicle Bay and have to build a Space Station on it. On the station itself you could build stuff like another Fuel Condenser in case your ship needs fuel. The station would also have a docking bay for your ship. Either way, there is a lot of stuff you can do with this. •Steam Generator- This would be a useful addition in that it would give players a good way to keep getting power even at night. There are cool aesthetic steam vents in caves and players could utilize these by printing out a Steam Generator, placing it on the steam vent and hooking it up to a tether. It would look a bit like a generator once it is placed because it will spin on top of the steam vent. •Researcher (vehicles)- A cool feature would be to build a small research table onto a truck or other vehicles. It would obviously be built by the vehicle bay while your vehicle is there. It would take up a fair amount of size and a fair amount of power, but it would enable you to research stuff on the go, instead of lugging it all the way back to your base. Flora and Fauna/Weather ~ There is not to much to say about this, as the Flora and Fauna in this game is already amazing. •Forests- There are already groves of trees but a large scale forest is still lacking. Obviously, this would be overpowered because of all the research but its still an idea. •Water/Rivers- Something lacking in this game is water. It would be awesome if there were lakes and rivers where you could swim and find resources/research underwater. Also, you could make a boat at the vehicle bay. This is not a necessity but if the developers were willing to go there, it would add a lot to the game. •Storms- One of the early dangers are storms, but later in the game they just become a nuisance. If there were variation in storm types, such as Lightning or Rain Storms, they would be a lot more fun and could potentially lead to more machines, like a Lightning collector. •Meteors/Comets- In my opinion this is a necessity to this game. Crashed meteors carrying metals or rare research. They would be very rare to find and even rarer to see one crash, but it is definitely something needed. They would create a crater when they landed, and I suppose they could land on your base and potentially destroy part of it. •Meteor Shower- Going along with new weather and meteors, a meteor shower would rain down meteors onto an area. They would be small ones, just like the ones on Earth, and couldn't damage much. Just for aesthetic. Aesthetic~ •Lights- Most of the time in caves, tethers are all the lights I need, but back above ground, my base is pitch black. Some bright lights would be a very nice addition. •Connected Texture (Spaceship)- On the spaceship or other vehicles, the three seat plus a large storage looks very nice as it fills up everything, but it would be really nice if the textures from the seat and the storage connected to make a flowing design. •Custom character- This was kind of an obvious one from the start. Although I like having astronauts ready to be launched, the ability to mix and match colors would be great. Well, that's all I can think of for now! I hope readers enjoyed this compilation!