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  1. How would that not help? With enough samples you could determine the categories.
  2. Honestly, if we're going to keep this random research thing going then there need to be some priorities to avoid player frustration. How about keying it so that any time it would roll a vehicle related thing (crane, truck, space ship, etc) it would check to see if the player already has Vehicle Bay and if they don't to give them Vehicle Bay instead. This would increase the number of chances for a player to get needed buildings for progression in a seamless way and prevent the frustration of having a half dozen things unlocked you can't do anything with because you don't have the construction b
  3. I am having a similar bug, it occurs whenever I load a save with a partially consumed power resource. If something draws power from the resource, I save, and then load the game (either by reloading or quitting and then returning later) the remainder of the power resource becomes a useless lump, I can move it, snap it to single or double hole connections, but buildings and my backpack are unable to use the remaining energy. Steam, current build, either control scheme.
  4. While I really appreciate that there's gamepad support so early on in the game's development there are parts where they just fall flat. The snap to outlet feature is much appreciated but it could use a slightly tighter control, frequently I end up grabbing a solar panel instead of activating a base. The improvement I would recommend for that is mapping the activation symbol to a dedicated or context sensitive button so you can just walk up to a research platform, smelter, etc and just make them do their work without having to aim the cursor when using the gamepad. I would also greatly app