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  1. Submit your clips in the comment section:
  2. Jotil


    Yes yes i did
  3. Yes, this is all they've added so far
  4. Jotil


    And maybe if you were in orbit you could land on it and find some rare research!
  5. Jotil

    Water,Oceans and islands?

    Water is a great idea necessary for any good game and I hope they add it.
  6. Jotil

    Poison Gas Protection

    Wait, I might be wrong but isn't this just a filter?
  7. Jotil


    It's called storage have you even played the game?
  8. Jotil


    I agree but your title won't make you get any views
  9. Jotil

    New Planet!

    A massive planet needs to be added for exploration purposes
  10. Jotil


    You really can't spell
  11. Or instead of tracks just bigger more 'grippy' wheels?
  12. Jotil

    Black Holes

  13. Jotil

    Black Holes

    Hopefully the developers will see this!
  14. Jotil

    Black Holes

    Now that I think about it that sounds like a great idea!
  15. I think that you should implement black holes, these are a rare occurrence in space when you leave your planet in the shuttle you can see them and they will slowly and surely suck up and destroy your planet and if you fly too close you die. This leads on to changing the difficulty of the game if the game was on say 'impossible mode' then you are guaranteed a black hole in you galaxy. Please leave your opinions below, Jotil