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  1. In this version (and I believe since the excavation update) the hab no longer allows selection of the liftoff icon in the large shuttle (xbox version, not sure about others). My large shuttle has a large storage printed with 5 medium storages (one tray of each construction resource + my power plate) and a hab (with 2 resins), plus 2 hydrazine cans (fully stocked for colonizing planets). When I enter the hab, the item on the closest storage tray (doesn't matter what it is becomes encircled in blue, and nothing can allow moving off that marker. Left trigger does not work to focus reticle. Right trigger does pick up the circled item, which is not helpful. This has happened in multiple games. I can work around it by giving up one tray and putting a seat but that is not...efficient... Great work with the recent updates. Hope this helps!
  2. +1 for some optical zooming. Would also love to upgrade the lighting choices for better surveying/exploring. We have the light for dark spaces, but night vision/infrared would be a great option to research/build or add-on to a vehicle to upgrade it's capabilities
  3. If you mean loot, then keep searching the planet. I think we need more variations in the loot and/or someway to refresh it dynamically. Would be great to see satellites/shuttles crashing (to good and bad consequences) to keep the world dynamic and dropping loot that could be helpful.
  4. I agree. I wish there were some better UI system for the trade platform. If I've got a backpack full of stuff I know I can click each of the blue slots in the tree, but it's sometimes hidden and difficult to access on the xbox. Would be nicer if you could just uptick the number available from the storage and/or the number of desired elements and it'll auto fill the tree from the available resources.
  5. I'd be happy if it just auto-linked when you pull up to any platform then get out. It's already forcing anything on the front and back off when the blue link shows up so it might as well auto-link when you exit the vehicle.
  6. +1, having 2 storage on top of a large battery would do the trick. putting storage on top of a battery would be nice, but i could also understand if it was limited to just stacking batteries
  7. I'd love to color code them as well. I have used beacons to mark cliffs I don't want to drive down accidentally, so marking a beacon as a warning could be helpful.
  8. +1 I'm not exactly sure it needs to have N/S/E/W cardinals as the magnetic fields on uninhabited planets may not be very reliable but I do think tech would exist to at least be able to navigate back toward the nearest Hab/Vehicle/Beacon. This could help in other environs as well if liquid is introduced.
  9. I think it could be done well and be nice addition to the other resource management that makes this game fun. I don't eat as often as I breathe, so I don't imagine they'd make it some repetitive boring task, but it might help to make it more difficult to colonize every planet by adding more timers on how quickly you need to get something done. You can't just take 7 days setting up a base farming fuel when power is in short supply because you'll starve. I think it'll be a great addition to add in some realistic pressure to getting things done efficiently/effectively.
  10. There are ways to solve this problem if you're clever...
  11. It would be great if base platforms could be adjusted using the winch. If a platform is built directly from the hab, it would be great if a hub could be inserted between and the platform could be pulled/moved some distance to adjust placements/configuration.
  12. It might be nice to be able to recover/move/flip knocked over shuttles/spaceships with the truck+winch.
  13. I think the point is less about the increased power generation overall but that it happens within the space of 2 slots on any vehicle and can easily be moved in 1 motion while providing power from both wind and solar in case either is available. I use the 2 slots this frees up to bring a big battery so i have some stored power when setting up a new colony and power generation slows down.
  14. When orbiting in space, the beacons built on terran can become 'detached' from the planet and are seen rotating below the map, while not associated with the planet they are built on.