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  1. Great idea, also Road map link http://blog.astroneer.space/p/roadmap/
  2. Fuz

    Pet Robot Mule

    Interesting idea I like it
  3. Fuz

    Base Building QOL Changes & More

    I like this, also excellent drawings.
  4. Fuz

    Share your bases/creations!

  5. I think the habitat should be enter-able as well as other buildings similar to this. Or at least make them upgradable with different levels. Make beacons a pole with the beacon on the top.
  6. Fuz

    Organic Resource

    Has anyone found a use for it? I haven't seen any use unless it's bugged
  7. Fuz

    How do I use the Smelter

    Smelter is for the ore you get which looks like crystals. Make sure it's powered up and once you put an ore on there it should give you a prompt to melt and it will do so.
  8. Fuz


    Also, This is early access it will come in time.
  9. Fuz


    @Secret Squirrel
  10. Fuz


    Hey tomas, Please post this here http://forum.systemera.net/forum/2-astroneer-bugs-crashes/
  11. I know you already have plans for Hunger and Thirst but I feel that Radiation would add a big factor to the game. You could implement a radiation suit or attachment to your suit. Some plants could be edible and grow edible fruit but also Have non edible fruit that could increase your thirst and hunger as well as radiation. Some planets could be more hostile than others as well as having a more lush area where food and water is plentiful. Also you could implement crop farming, digging for water.
  12. I just realized there's green on the one I'm at. I'm new.