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    "The Snowflake" -Hydrazine farm

    I think they should turn the condenser into a sort of smelter for hydrazine ore thus cutting off the flow if free resources for trading.
  2. DarkestKnightz

    The Exchange platform "breaks" the game

    There's some awfully strange arguments in here for why they shouldn't balance an early access game...
  3. DarkestKnightz

    Astroneer steam trading cards?

    Seems like a post 1.0 thing.
  4. DarkestKnightz

    Project: Tether belt around planet

    Probably. I killed a save's frame rate by tunneling through center and leaving a line of tethers as well.
  5. DarkestKnightz

    Split screen for Xbox?

    They mentioned in a stream that they want to but it will have to come after performance is under control. Split screen requires running 2 instances of the gane , which can already be trying on Pc, let alone the substantially weaker Xbox. I imagine that will be a post 1.0 addition.
  6. DarkestKnightz

    "The Snowflake" -Hydrazine farm

    It's good for the game when these things get exploited. The devs need to see what the problems are so they can fix them. Another solution would be to make the Hydrazine non trade able.