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  1. WhosTog

    Screenshots Megathread

    Watermelon set
  2. WhosTog

    119 - Steam - Truck becomes unenterable

    Try removing the seat and putting it back. That worked for me when holding E stopped working.
  3. WhosTog

    Screenshots Megathread

    I'm calling this run to Arid for lithium a success.
  4. WhosTog

    "The Excavation Update" - October 12th, 2017

    Good stuff. Love the new terrain system and the way the drill/crane works now. For those complaining about tethers being obstacles again, they make good guard rails on ramps and cliffs if you put them close together.
  5. WhosTog

    Hoarders Challenge

    Very nice. The vehicle bays, that is. I wish we could add this to the challenge, but then we would have to break the rules about using trade stations.
  6. WhosTog

    Hoarders Challenge

    Time to get this party started again. If you want to kill your FPS in a hurry, print up about 16 trucks.
  7. WhosTog

    Hoarders Challenge

    @time_trial, that is absolutely awesome! Kudos for nailing the hematite, where did you find it all? And those Zebra balls... I'm speechless. I had no idea you could find so many. I'm going to need a special category for you; how about Plutonium? Well done!
  8. WhosTog

    Patch 182

    Yay, the drill is fixed!
  9. WhosTog

    [BUG] Incomplete foundy process

    Had the same problem with w/a single Malachite resource having only one bit of it removed. It could not be selected or smelted. Blew up the smelter with dynamite and resource detached with the same defect. I could kick it around, but could not pick it up.
  10. WhosTog

    Drill head doesn't work

    Same problem. Drill head was the last research item I got so it took a while to discover this problem. Drill does not work on hardened or regular terrain.
  11. WhosTog

    Hoarders Challenge

    The 155 patch looked promising as the FPS issue is much improved. I was thinking about stating this up again, but the research curve has put a damper on that. Until the next patch...
  12. WhosTog

    Giving up on Patch 155

    Love the new terrain mods, but have to agree with most of the posts here that the research curve is a bit too steep. I'm still grinding away the research and don't have solar, wind vane, drill head or small generator. And that after hauling in truckloads of research from multiple planets. See y'all at the next patch. Oh, and one more thing, Nerfing the hydrazine trade was definitely a good move. Stick with that one.
  13. WhosTog

    Hoarders Challenge

    Crap. New version crashes on my save for this one. Guess I'm starting over.
  14. WhosTog

    Sarlac The Mighty

    I tried to dynamite him every which way, including down his gullet - he's invincible.