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  1. Vin The Butcher

    Changing language

    I would post this in the 'Astroneer Suggestion' section of the thread. I have not received this language problem, but the game is roughly three weeks old and in pre-alpha, does it change starting a new game or in mid game?
  2. Vin The Butcher


    You should post this suggestion in the 'Astroneer Suggestion' section of the thread so it gets the correct attention. When I build a spaceship, I just build another vehicle station pod and use the original as a launch pad, or you can fly into space and land to a bubble section near the current base and put another habitat there.
  3. Vin The Butcher

    Vehicle Updates

    Should post this in the 'Astroneer Suggestions' part of the forum. Also, I think 'Tank Tracks' upgrade would work better.
  4. Vin The Butcher

    Edit Option

    Requesting an edit option or actually change to the current forum edit option to unlimited time. The current edit option lets you edit your thread/reply within a short time. Un-limiting the time to use the edit option will benefit everyone, from editing the OP instead of filling a thread with multiple replies, to correcting errors.
  5. Vin The Butcher

    Mobile Website

    On the same phone, did not know there was a Chrome option, I've just been using Safari. Space (Astroneer Background) shows up on both but only if I move the screen over, seems allot easier to do on Chrome then on Safari.
  6. Vin The Butcher

    delete a save

    Game is pre-alpha and roughly two weeks old, many features are not available yet, but should be more plentiful in later updates. Also, this is the general section of the forum, you should post suggestion in the 'Astroneer Suggestions' part of the forum so they don't skip your idea, just saying.
  7. Vin The Butcher

    xbox not able to save?

    Just to make sure, you purchased the game right? Just asking because the free trial lets you play but you can't save. If you did purchase the game I would suggest completely shutting down the Xbox One by holding the Xbox button down until it shuts down. Turn back on, log into account and start the game.
  8. Vin The Butcher

    Found some new flora (new for me)

    Did you dig that plant out and research it?
  9. Vin The Butcher

    Landscape tool

    When you select an item, click the 'X' button (Xbox One) and it will automatically put it in your backpack. The even (flatten) tool option mimics the ground you start off on and makes it that height, if you start the tool on an angle it will mimic that angle and exaggerate it sometimes.
  10. Vin The Butcher

    i built a Rover but it didn't do anything!?

    It happens sometimes especially if it's off balance, like to many items on one side. I know it helps to smooth out the area around the vehicle pod crane, also try and move the seat to the other side of the truck.
  11. Nice, I will give this a try. I was just going to build another vehicle pod because my ship took it over, seemed easier.
  12. Vin The Butcher

    I can't download from steam

    Did you try signing out then signing back in, also restart steam and PC completely.
  13. Vin The Butcher

    Things I'd like to see in Astroneer.

    Welcome to the forum, just an FYI, there is a 'request' section on the forum were this thread will go perfect, it's more active also.
  14. Vin The Butcher

    Im learning the game so far and i love it!

    lol ya first get some compound and resin, after you collect some units of both open up your backpack and make some oxygen Tethers, then use the resin to expand your pod. You can expand a pod using one cluster of resin, two clusters will build that pod and you cannot add anymore length, so watch what you build. Also make some solar panels for your pack pack. use the tethers to gather more resources, you wanna make a smelter, printer, but to build other things like a trading post, you will need to scavenge old crashed ships and 'research' the pods you find. if you are in a jam, mine the blue ore for air and the yellow for energy, until you get well maintained, soon you will be driving a truck and flying to the moon.
  15. Vin The Butcher

    Mysterious ball found

    Zebra Ball, early part of game development, was used to test lighting, now an Easter Egg.