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  1. Imagine being able to visit certain planets and these planets would be social hubs where you can randomly run into anyone else who is also playing astroneer, on this planet you can build with anyone, explore with anyone even set up base together. Similar to a MMO. And if you so choose you can invite other players to venture out with you into a party system to visit other planets etc. Same aspect would work for multiple space stations floating in space (maybe being able to build your own space stations that people can visit and dock at) where you would dock your ship get off and walk around and
  2. °°Random Planetary Events/ET Visitations°° Picture this your Playing astroneer and you hear a loud explosion, you look up to the sky and see a a large fireball streaking across the sky you watch as it impacts the planet. You curiosity gets the best of you and you set out on a adventure to find out what is was that crash landed. You reach the area of impact to find a large creator inside you find... Here are some ideas on what you might find - A large asteroid or meteor possibly filled with rare resources or Something unique maybe even in the form as a unknown that can be carried
  3. Same issue for me on the Xbox so bad that I lost two vehicles they magically glitched away
  4. Upgradeable backpack by increasing more slots. more side slots for solar etc Beacons should also function as spawn points in case of death instead of spawning all.the way back at base. You should have a choice of where you want to spawn in. If not a new item item would be nice to allow ability to put down a spawn point where it be permanent or temporary until it's used.
  5. No shortcut for Xbox one we need one so when you die you can just add all.items back to back pack or a easier way to transfer items to back pack without having to drag each one
  6. Bump this idea love it, but I also think k you should be able to save the planet in some way as well such as having laser built in space to stop asteroid or some way to stop the planet from ending even if u have to go to that star or sun on a mission before it explodes to save your planet
  7. hey guys these zebra balls are really getting everyone talking there mysterious but have no use as of yet. What if it were possible to research it cut it open and in the inside would be something amazing like maybe blueprint to make a drone or a robot. Or maybe even lights to light your path. The lights would function similar to tethers. The zebra ball ready glows it can be associated with light. What are some ideas you guys have for the zebra ball?
  8. Everyones going crazy over that telescope buried under ground. No one can with the winch. Let's make that telescope towable and let's give it a bigger purpose, maybe to communicate with other life forms..Hmmmm. that will come visit , maybe hostile, maybe friendly you never know. Whatever parts found on planets or crashed crafts should be able to used in some way as well. More than a power source. Adding more hidden things to find would be a plus.