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  1. DrWoo

    Reliable means of Navigation

    A always on compass would be fine as well. I get what the OP is saying, but I try to leave a trail of beacons or something to help me get back. used flowers in minecraft from time to time to help point me back home if needed.
  2. DrWoo

    Reliable means of Navigation

    I think the mini map is a good idea... However, How to implement it with keeping the survival aspect. A launched satellite would probably be the best option to keep it with the whole space theme. Yes, as I read earlier in the thread you are against that because of the randomness of research. Lets be honest here, there is not all that much to research, so its not something you should just get right off the bat. Others have mentioned moving the space craft to a new type of building the launch pad type building. This would be a great addition to that idea. The ability to launch a satellite to give you a minimap of explored areas.
  3. honestly, people like that just need to be banned from posting... they need a few mods. Still trying to figure out how you can screw up in this game so badly that you have to roll back?! lol
  4. DrWoo

    Deleting Saves

    They are located there for sure. To delete them from the game just make sure the game isn't running, and move them out of that folder. Now if only we could name them....... *hint hint*
  5. DrWoo

    Familiarize yourself before posting?

    The other side of this is that ideas that are good and spark conversation don't get buried into the pages, it stays at the top... like this one.
  6. I don't think this is really a bug.... but it does need to be looked at... The control button by default has 2 functions. One of them you can remap, the terreforming part. However, it also forces the player to walk, and there's no way to remap that to a different key. I like many others use control for push-to-talk, so every time you push it, your player walks. Not really a bug just need to add that into the option to remap.
  7. While I agree that they need to look at the terraforming controls, simply remapping them works just fine.
  8. DrWoo

    Familiarize yourself before posting?

    I would be for a moderator or two to get all these ideas on a sticky thread and maybe make some notes on if it's progress and such. I know the other site is all fine and dandy, but from experience having that information on a sticky thread would be helpful.
  9. DrWoo

    Truck storage issue

    umm... you can.... I'm driving around right now in a train. Truck---rover---Truck
  10. DrWoo

    Better save-game handling

    They need to be re nameable, and they need to be in the steam cloud so the games replicate on multiple devices.
  11. DrWoo

    Make the character move faster!

    What you could be experiencing is not internet lag, but video lag, aka frame rate. What kind of video card are you using?
  12. DrWoo


    To me... this is a "fun" survival game not a realistic one. Forcing the condenser's to only work in certain atmospere's would start to take a turn to a realistic survival game. Additionally, so if you didn't spawn on a planet with the correct atmosphere you could plausibly be stuck on the planet. That said, I do think they should remove the crystals of it, and make it more of a construction to make hydrazine in some way, maybe using a combination of materials.
  13. DrWoo

    Make the character move faster!

    Disagree..... Getting to the point of making a rover honestly doesn't take that long, it just uses compound to make the rover and chair. His walk/run speed feels about right.
  14. DrWoo

    a few ideas

    So, something I noticed.... There's no exit button on the PC version, and while Alt-F4 does work, just seems like a minor oversight. Additionally: I'm sure most of these have been mentioned already, maybe a master list of ideas is needed? Saved games: 1. Naming them would be great, a simple time stamp doesn't really allow people to see what world it is. For an example, I have 2 worlds, one I play alone and one I play with friends. I think this has been requested already but just wanted to pass it along. 2. If it's purchasable through steam, then steam cloud sync for the saved games would also be a huge help. This is a pretty standard thing for a steam game. Movement: 1. I'm sure the player movement makes sense with an xbox, but with the PC might want to consider a more standard type of movement, especially with the vehicles, driving is just horrendous. Storage: 1. Some better storage options. I would be ok with just a box or crate of some kind to simply drop it into. Building: 1. Deconstruction of buildings. 2. new building: A launch pad, to solve the issue of the space pod taking up the slot so you can't build more vehicles. MP/CO-OP: 1. dedicated servers. That said, the game is awesome! Keep up the great work.