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  1. StealthKK

    LOVE the work light!

    I have a few at the base, just to make it totally visible at night. It's nice and fun. The most useful one is on the top of my pack so that when I'm underground I don't have to rely on the direction my flashlight is facing to see. I find the light on the top of the pack illuminates all directions in plenty of distance from where I need to mine, etc. They seem to use little to no power because it doesn't drain my pack visibly. So they're either using 0 light, or so little that the regeneration of my pack is able to keep up with it. Thanks for the tip!
  2. I've already posted this but it seems like it was ignored. I'm not making this up and it's not my hardware. The win 10 version (non-steam) is very quiet. I know because I own both versions. The win 10 version is way too quiet. I have to turn it up like 4x more than the steam version to get the same volume. Then all of my other system sounds are ear-killing. Please fix!
  3. StealthKK

    LOVE the work light!

    I just had to make sure I put it out there that I LOVE the work light! I put a bunch all over my base and I always have one on the top of my pack! It makes it so much easier to explore caves too!! Thank you! Please keep it!
  4. This is very replicatable. Do you think it's something that could be put on the "to do" backlog? It's obviously not a huge deal but there is a difference in audio levels between the steam version and the win 10 version.
  5. I do believe that the win 10 version has all of the game assets and files inside of the UWP store file. It is uneditable.
  6. Made a vehicle bay and then was going to make a large shuttle. Put the copper on the bay to prep. Then got large rover so i decided to make that. As soon as I selected the shuttle the bay threw the 3 copper I had on it off. That's fine, however, one piece went "inside" the bay itself. I can see a little piece of it sticking out but cannot grab it.
  7. Is this something that could be addressed or is there a workaround? Since this is easily replicate-able and definitely a problem, do you think the devs will respond to whether it will be put in to the backlog?
  8. Since this is a very easily replicate-able bug and not one of those multi step "if i do this sometimes this will happen" kind of bugs, do you think the devs will verify and respond to whether they will put it in their backlog?
  9. A-HA! I figured it out. It's not the monitor that matters. It's whenever I go in to the options menu. As soon as I go in to options, and it doesn't matter whether I change anything, but all it takes it going and looking at the video or audio settings and when I leave the menu, the game has that horrible pixelation shown in the screenshot.
  10. I guess what I really want to know from this bug post is: Is my theory correct- is the win10 version pixelated because it's subsampling as a feature for the benefit of framerate? Will this ever get better? This is like, the FIRST thing I noticed about the windows 10 "play anywhere" version, and it was so bad I couldn't play. I just can't believe others don't notice it immediately and as the primary problem. Why isn't this like the first sticky issue of the entire forum??? If you can buy the steam edition and get a perfect resolution, but then buy the win10 edition and get a grainy, diluted crappy version of the game, why? why aren't you told, "The windows 10 version is a grainy far cry from the steam version. If you value quality and resolutions that match year 2000 and beyond, get the steam version." Why? Why hasn't someone at least made the distinction in the game's advertising???
  11. Because my main monitor is an ultra-wide and my secondary is a pleb-aspect ratio. I had both versions running at the same time on either monitor. Shouldn't affect the render of the game other than the steam version had more pixels to render. I could have very well swapped the running apps when I took the screenshot and you'd've gotten an ultra-wide pixelated screenshot for the win10 version For these screenshots, the win10 version was running on the pleb-aspect ratio monitor. To clarify, however, I swapped them around a few times before taking the screenshots. It made no difference. The win10 version was always pixel-y. If you zoom on it you can clearly see how the text is kind of blurry and aliased, the poly edges are all yukky. It's clearly sub-sampling when it renders. I assume this is an xbox feature for when the xbox can't keep up with the render, it automatically subsamples and gives you a crappier image to save framerate. It happened in Recore constantly.
  12. Specifically in the windows 10 play anywhere version, the audio is very quiet. I also have the steam version installed and (aside from other problems, see my posts) the audio is considerably quieter. To the point where even at full volume it's too quiet. No I will not adjust my volume sliders as they were all at 100%. Just to add to this, I just tested it again and with the steam version I can get plenty of volume. On the win10 version, even with my headphones maxed it's still an unacceptably low volume. Is this something that could be addressed or is there a workaround?
  13. Specifically in the Windows 10 app store version (I call it the Play Anywhere version) the graphics are pixelated to the point where its gross looking and unplayable. I actually bought the game a second time. First was on steam, loved it played it. Second was on the windows store because I found out I could play it on my xbox one and in windows. So I set out to do so, but I actually have the games open side by side and the "play anywhere" version, which is the windows store version is sickeningly pixelated to the point where I can't even bring myself to play it. Why is that? I notice it happened with Recore too, so I'm expecting to hear some kind of "it's Microsoft" response. Anyway, I'm disappointed. Here are some screenshot comparisons. I am not crazy. The steam version is way better. Both of these screenshots were taken from windowed mode, so please don't feed me some bs about my resolution being wrong. This is a legit difference. I am also going to file another bug with the win 10 "play anywhere" version for audio, because it's way too quiet.
  14. Solution to building on other planet: bring Habitat. Place on ground. Click little icon above it. Bam, base. But the original problem stated is still an issue, however I figured out how to locate the planets now, so that was just me. The beacon icons still float in the wrong place when looking at the whole solar system, however, which was the original problem.