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  1. Hello again, my Problem with the 3D Printer was successfully solved. Now iam missing the COOP Multiplayer yesterday i wanted to play with a friend we played before a year together that game and now he cant join and i can´t invite himwhere is the Multiplayer Mode? Thanks Skordiac
  2. Roger that i will test it iam sorry to waste your time :-)
  3. Hello, I ve created a Save game an would like to print. But no 3D Printer is availble at the Science Table. anything i can do? Sincerley Skordiac
  4. I would like to have some Signs for naming which tunnel is for which content Another idea is to make a tool or a Vehicle whit which we can make straight ways. (all even) We need more lights. Lamps which bring more ligh into Caves. And last of the Wishes is a buildable Dome Around my base to protect me against storms :-) Thats all for the starting Thanks for reading