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  1. I think the meaning of this idea is that you can store it on your back instead of having to carry it with you by hand or on a vehicle like the other seats or the habitat. It would also be cool if you could use it to fall down a mountain or cliff without hurting yourself.
  2. Looks great, I would love it if it could get swept away with a storm. This would create some funny moments for when you are playing with your friends.
  3. Great idea. +1, maybe they could add arrows on the player compass (visible around the player's feet when you hover your mouse over him). Right now if you mouse over your guy, it shows the cardinal directions but to me, right now this is quite useless if you don't know where your base is situated related to it. maybe they could add an arrow pointing to your habitat, and an arrow in an other colour to show the locations of other players.
  4. That's true, but you will always struggle with having limited slots so you will have to choose which structure to take with you. Unless you make a caravan of rovers and trucks.
  5. I like the design, it reminds me of the life pod from subnautica, with a big inflatable ring on the bottom. This could work out great since I have read on their roadmap that they are planning on implementing water, that way it can float as well.
  6. Indeed, they could make a uniform mechanic for all buildings to be portable since it would be nice to be able to rearrange the look of your base. Maybe the crane we have now could get another head piece, one for picking up structures since they want to go for a uniform system where you can easily swap modules and customise everything.
  7. They indeed hinted at manual control for space vehicles but I do not yet know if manual flight support is going to be implemented whilst flying inside the planets atmosphere or if it only supports manual flight whilst in orbit. The idea of having to build landing platforms sound cool though.
  8. You have a good point koondad but sometimes you want the ability to store other things on your ship instead of base building materials. Especially if you are going to hop to different planets a lot.
  9. The walls would indeed be a great idea since my stuff keeps flying all over the place when a storm hits my base. The bulldozer would help me out a lot since I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to digging out terrain.
  10. The trucks could indeed get an upgrade, especially the driving across the surface. It kinda frustrates me that it gets stuck pretty easy on small pebbles and rocks. Apart from the rover it seems that it just has more storage space and battery life.
  11. Portable Research Station (PRS) Hi, I've been travelling to other planets a lot lately, purely to discover new research items. Right now I either need to store them aboard my spaceship or build a base on the planet's surface and make a research station which costs a lot of resources. I would love the idea of being able to take my research station with me and plant it down on another planet instead of having to grind to make a research station, or having to fly back with it to my home planet and waste fuel. This also applies for travelling across the
  12. So this is like a tent. cool idea, since I have seen the roadmap and they will probably add more extreme storms. You got my vote. +1
  13. Thanks ApoNono, I will try to find/make this fuel condenser.
  14. On the main screen next to all of the starter characters there should be a translucent blue pod. If you navigate to it, you can see a date underneath the pod which represents the date you last saved that world. That should be your save file
  15. Hi, I got myself stranded and can't find a way of the planet. After building my base I set off on a journey trough space. I landed on the nearest planet which was a radiated one. After hanging out there a little bit I decided to return home but to my horror I found out that I had no more fuel left for my return journey. I went around and searched for Hydrazine but couldn't find any. Luckily I found a cave with some Resin. After a long grind I managed to get myself at the start of building a smelter and a trading post. Now I'm stuck because