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  1. On exploring, I'd love to do more exploring but once you lose sight of the home beacon its pot-luck if you can find it again. Like sailors of yesterday the night sky is the only reliable way to know if you're going in a consistent direction. Now a compass with waypoints at the top of the screen would be awesome, please can I have/make one?
  2. Starbuck

    ROAD MAP - Mega Thread

    On realism, we have the technology to send our Astroneer to a far flung Solar System who knows how many light years away! We can fabricate many items from their basic materials but we cannot be apart from an oxygen source for more than approximately 60seconds, brilliant!
  3. Starbuck

    A list of ideas

    A couple ideas that I think players would find useful: 1 Auto-Tether, perhaps adding an option to change tether colour at branches so when you're in cave system you know which line to follow 2 A Compass: I think this is a huge omission so far 3 Degree indicator on Flatten function 4 A Map: I'd be happy if it was a Fog of War so only explored regions show 5 Lose the wheels and instability of the current rover and change them to Hover Rovers:
  4. Starbuck

    Entering rover

    How about going back to TAB?
  5. Starbuck

    Vehicles control overhaul anytime soon?

    Driving the rover: I suggest the devs use this system. W = Forward S = Backwards A = Turn Left D = Turn Right The camera should not be involved in what keys do what!
  6. Starbuck

    Old Controls

    The keyboard controls do need looking at. Using the same keys to do multiple things is never a good idea! TAB to enter a Habitat or vehicle worked fine, so why change? Opening the backpack is very random and often the research panel will appear. As the research panel is accessible from the backpack, why the need to long press Q to open it? When you're at your Base not quite facing the correct way will cause the wrong action to occur. R & F are close enough to the usual controls to be convenient choices to do whichever action you chose.
  7. Starbuck

    My few suggestions

    If not a map then could we have a compass. Then, when you lose contact with your base a compass heading should eliminate being turned around. At present the only aid is the Galactic core.