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  1. That truck bug where the fps plumets continues to happen near my base and has since made my game unplayable. Still on Xbox and very upset to say the least
  2. Another huge bug involving the truck and rover. Random fps drops that may or may not end (have to shit down my game after it is unresponsive for several min but that doesn't always happen) but this does make it neat impossible to play anymore since adding more tethers makes things worse in its own respect and I need to expand. Again I'm playing on XBOX one
  3. Found more glitches for Xbox one in my day one "stress test". When reloading the game certain in ground objects re spawn when I already removed the ground they were connected to (this includes plant life and rocks on the surface of the planet as well as malachite and other ores which I had previously mined will respawn in floating space) this seems to occasionally be fixed by reloading the game but it's not consistent. Also the unknown research materials found in caves seems to respawn when I reload the game. Obviously I have no problem with that but it makes it too easy to get rare materials and blueprints
  4. And one more it would seem. After loading back in my back pack and as you can see has the inventory items hovering off of the pack which seems to be fixed by replacing them back into the inventory.
  5. And my game just had a huge FPS drop after trying to adjust that tether closest to my base and when I hit the pause button due to the inability to actually set it down my game crashed.
  6. Hey everyone, just wanted to report a bug with the tethers on Xbox one where they disconnect from the one they were originally connected to. It happens at random it would seem mainly when they're out of sight and I return back wondering why my oxygen is depeleting to find a disconnect that is fixed by picking up and putting the tether back down. I tried shortening the length and all it would do is skip the problem tether entirely and connect to the next one assuming it's close enough to do so. Also the oxygen tether to the base only seems to work at certain spots relative to my base. For example my tether will hook up to my researcher when I'm on it's left but not when I'm on the right. It does this for my printer, shelter, the extension units and the cables themselves that run between them. Also with the tethers, the one nearest to my base also disconnects at random even though it is a player model's length away from a base extension. I love the game so far but this is obviously a very hindering bug.