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  1. AgentGPR

    a question about spoilers

    Seeing those things before entering the game don't alter the fun you'll have while playing it. There are countless things that you may know what their name is or how they look, but you won't know what they do and how to use it. I realized this with the winch especially, I knew what it was but I had so much fun getting to know what it did. There's base building which you didn't mention. Exploration is by far the best I've ever experienced, a thousand times better than Minecraft or any other exploration open world. You shouldn't stop yourself from enjoying the game just because you saw some information about it, there's so much more to it.
  2. AgentGPR

    [Merged] Game Freezes

    ^ That is what SES_Zabir said about the freezing. Seems like we can only wait until the devs fix it. About the FPS there can be improvements though, if you aren't getting freezes try these to improve FPS:
  3. AgentGPR

    Duplicate research researched

    This should be a great suggestion to evade confusion. Maybe name the vehicle one "Vehicle Storage" or something related to the cars.
  4. AgentGPR

    Vehicule Bay not powered

    I'm having the same problem strangely. The vehicle bay and the smelter aren't getting charged while they are connected to the same base as the other ones. At first, I thought it was prioritizing the research but it turned out when the power was full in the research base it still didn't charge the smelter or the vehicle bay. PowerMaster, I don't think it's that. The battery clearly should be charging the vehicle bay but it's not. I tried having nothing on top of the tube connected to the vehicle bay and it doesn't work either.
  5. AgentGPR

    [Merged] Game Freezes

    I already tried everything. My PC is working fine, it only happens with this game. I don't think it can be fixed by us, the players. A LOT of people have been complaining about this freeze issue, no coincidence. We can only hope they fix it soon. Thanks for trying to help tho! My processor is AMD by the way. I think I saw people with Intel complaining about freezes too though, not sure if I'm remembering correctly.
  6. AgentGPR


    Not long ago I played a game called The Tomorrow Children and they got the jetpacks right in so many ways. I would love jetpacks to be brought to the game the way TTC did in theirs. The only difference would be using fuel to power it instead of buying it (in TTC you have to buy it and it breaks after using it for a while). Here's a video example of the jetpack in TTC:
  7. AgentGPR

    [Merged] Game Freezes

    This does not work at all. Sound doesn't seem to be the problem with the freezing.
  8. AgentGPR

    Cant extend my base anymore

    You'll have to either join a new game where you make at least 3 resin extensions in at least three different directions before buildings bases (printer, research, etc.) that way you don't end up without extensions or find the habitat research and you'll be able to start over somewhere close.
  9. AgentGPR

    [Merged] Game Freezes

    I've had the same problem losing progress in mining by these constant freezes. I also played the Windows demo and it ran smoothly and left me wanting to play more of this awesome game. I'm at the point where I can't make any progress because when I go to the mines it freezes. My specs: OS: Win 10 Home 64 CPU: AMD 10 Extreme Edition Radeon R8 2.00 GHz GPU: R8, 4C + 8G RAM: 12 GB