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  1. I think for any large and big items that would need a even crazier and bigger shedder, you be able to just craft a "Trash rocket", then you attach it to the shuttle or vechicle you want destory, then you deploy the rocket and it just sends it to the atmosphere to blown up, or just let us when a item is in its box form to always be able to blow up, I don't really care too much about the scrap because by the time you have a problem with too many shuttles, scrap doenst really matter
  2. Sir Tubs

    Low framerate on xbox

    I hope they talk about this soon publicly, a whole half of their fanbase is now not able to play their game, it sucks, I've been with this game since Christmas 2016 and now wanting to play it is just a fast track to turning it into a slide show, and my launch save is totally broken and I have only gotten 2 cores, bad times for console players, BUT hey their mechs so that's cool... I guess... not like that makes think that they arent putting resources where they should be as an educated consumer of video games, just want my game to be playable till the end after two years, hopefully thatll happen soon
  3. Sir Tubs

    Xbox needs love

    Im in the same place as you man, I dont see a fast fix to our problem though, we got to just wait, it sucks because we already waited two years but we just wait some more, to me the worst part is seeing how cool and fun the game is on pc and how on Xbox my world that i was since launch is not completely unplayable, its a sad time Xbox players
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    well guys here is the answer FREAKING ZELDA DUNGEONS THEMED AROUND THE PLANETS!!!, imagine that the backpacks can be found in each would be so so so so cool, im really up for a anything at this moment other than randomized stuff, but the thing i want the most is being able to hold a research ball, i just hate how it controls on xbox, hope that fix that in QOL update
  5. Sir Tubs

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    and what happened to Samantha's idea about holding in your hand whatever item your moving, it would be so cute if there was a whole animation for holding a research ball and your character slows down and its gait changes, would solve the xbox camera issue too
  6. Sir Tubs

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    ohh and let us take off modules confused why making permanent is a good thing would love to see just a little switch on the back when pressed (similar to research button) it would just pack itself into a box again and for any item it would be nice to put back into its box, it would require maybe a new input key which is I would think very complicated, but I don't know a thing about coding so you guys tell me
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    I like more reason to explore but don't like having a random chance to find the one you like, late game you should be able to recreate these special ones or even make your own
  8. Sir Tubs

    Shuttle landing points

    MORE LAUNCH PADS BABY!! you know that launch pad at the start of the game you use once and then forget about it until your forced to build around it? WHY AREN'T WE USING IT MORE??? to me it would be great if they made some new art for the space vehicles and made it so they can land and look super cool landing on the launch pad you can build several and colorize there own built in (or maybe they have a special spot for beacon you have to make ) beacons and you can move the one at the start if you don't want it in the way of your house
  9. To me, at least on xbox, it makes using gas more direct and easy then having another thing to put on the condenser and to fill and dispose, back when we had the fuel condenser it kinda sucked and I don't want that again, right now to me canisters should stick to soil, hydrazine and gas are ok with creating their own containment, all we need is a pretty animation when it creates and destroys itself and it'll be fine, putting more red tape around to me will just complex things, especially for xbox users
  10. Sir Tubs

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    such amazing ideas on this form I love it what would I add... MORE OF A PURPOSE FOR STORMS Give more purpose to the storms if you want, games shouldn't want the player to stand around and do nothing, I want to do stuff, give those clouds a purpose (if there purpose is to make you save, nice try but there should really be a better, shorter solution for making us save no?) BETTER/UPDATED CONTROLS FOR XBOX Im a xbox player and you guys have to try to use those controls more because it can be a bit terrible at times, the simple act of researching can be a chore or even just organizing things (the suggestion to use the d-pad for the backpack was beautiful thank you jbarth09) BETTER NAVIGATIONAL TOOLS too easy to get lost, map, better compass, better beacons, something new, anything!! that will help players who love to explore not lose all of their progress because they just walked a bit to far from the base ALLOW US TO US BACKPACK IN HABITAT, ROVERS Just let me press "Y" and organize it, and with the d-pad suggestion i could even keep driving with the UI up, this would also help me not be bored when the storm comes rolling in, could even make a cool little hologram projection come out of the top of base, cool stuff FOR THE LOVE OF GOD KEYBINDING ON XBOX PLEASE Just want to experiment for the best control scheme, many buttons aren't used on xbox and I want to find a solution for the control problem VIRTUAL CURSOR NEEDS SOME TWEAKING The virtual cursor is quite wonky at times, trying to use the terrain tool when its out will make it way too sensitive, the cursor when trying to use platform plugs will just bug out and the worst thing is trying to move items and research balls with making your item go to the side of the camera you want to move I love you guys, im happy you want feedback and want to get better, have fun going crazy till launch!!!
  11. Sir Tubs

    The Crafting Update - September 6th, 2018

    but like....... keybinding on xbox doh........... BUT YAY PERTTY NEW MATERIAALLLS!!
  12. Questions about the crafting system that I think need to answered before they start to add anything to this system before 1.0 What makes a Fabricator, a Fabricator? Why doesn't the Medium Printer have a Interface Tablet? Why is the Vehicle Bay called a Vehicle Bay if it makes Modules, Objects and Vehicles? Why doesn't the Medium Printer print packaged forms of Objects? Why does the fabricator fabricate packaged forms of item? Why can't we choose if we want the object to packaged or not? Why can't I unpack a 1x1 package in a medium storage 1x2 slot? What defines a Small, Medium, and Large thing, module, object, item...?
  13. Sir Tubs

    Update 0.9.2 - August 6th 2018

    If anyone on the team has anytime, i would love to hear what goes into making a control key binding area for console and why most games dont do it, I being a simple boy thinks it can't be that hard, but I know nothing, would love to be educated though
  14. Sir Tubs

    Update 0.9.2 - August 6th 2018

    would love an option to choose when you want to package things in the fabricator menu, would be a nice option
  15. Sir Tubs

    Do we need a better crafting system?

    and they made everything packaged!!!, well that was one solution, still wish we had a option though
  16. Sir Tubs

    Do we need a better crafting system?

    hahahahahahaha just saw the new update holy crap they took away the medium printer hahahahahahahaha look at that, thats just great
  17. give the mineral extractor a interface tablet Why? its awkward to use the conversion rate is hard to grasp for new and even experience players having to hold resin, lithium, compound, etc. next to it for the sample takes up needed space for items Possible Benefits shows you a better visual and or numeric way of what your getting easier to see conversion rate could have a system to where you can insert a material and then the extractor can now forever extract that material can use the new symbols adam made for all the materials which are just the cutest things ever saves space easier to explain and use for new comers everything has a tablet now, lets expand on that!! im happier
  18. I love adams new oxygen designs but I think it's now too downplayed and I dont have the same urgency as I did before when I was suffocating I think a simple red and black blinking light coming from the oxygen tube thing would be a great reminder maybe even have a countdown from 15 when you suffocate to show you how much time you have until you die I like symbols but players need a better telegraph on how they die from oxygen, also making the oxygen tube more a display could allow for some really interesting art in the future around oxygen
  19. also adding tablets to this could allow for automation, like being able to tell the extractor to non stop make organic every time you put in a soil, I think if automation will ever be a thing I will be better if we use tablets to take care of some of the abilities of the automating
  20. Sir Tubs

    .90 observations

    Smelter will pop off items and not put them into the medium storage next to them With addition of the medium shredder and me not finding it easily in the crafting modules until I remembered there was a small fabricator, what makes a fabricator not a printer and vice versa why isn't the Vehicle Bay the Large Fabricator? We need a better trash system (or just let us scrap vehicle and modules that would be great)
  21. At random times the smelter will choose to pop the newly smelted item off of itself and not just place the item into the completely empty medium storage next to it
  22. Sir Tubs

    Update 0.6.5 - March 15th, 2018

    Trying to get into a Vehicle on xbox keeps making me get out of my tool with holding down x, i have to unsnap the seat everytime to get in it
  23. Sir Tubs

    Update 0.6.5 - March 15th, 2018

    My solar lord, prepare for the space ball of storage
  24. Sir Tubs

    The "Basebuilding Update" - February 22nd, 2018

    i'm getting withdrawal symptoms help, ive been restarting my console for the past hour