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  1. Just had a thought that it would be good to have some sort of building blocks in astroneer. Then it hit me lego style blocks, they have the same sort of socket type connectors which i think would be perfect way to match the astroneer theme. We all know what you can build with lego but astroneer lego, OMG blows my mind! Thanks for reading ?
  2. I’m thinking Space Engineers in an Astroneer kind of way would pretty much give everyone what they want. That game is great, but lacking quite a few of the things that Astroneer has. I hope you guys try space Engineers out to see want I mean, it’s has good implementation but with no goals or end story. It’s where I see Astroneer going without anyone realising it.
  3. I registering for server testing, when you allow the elite few in. ????
  4. The devs can't please everyone, just let them design their game how they like it and then play it for what it is. Don't hate on them if they make a change you don't like, because this game will never get finished if they have to go back and forth all the time.
  5. Well this is good news, so much room for improvement. Shouldn't be to hard to do.
  6. But I have all the good ideas. ?
  7. I had the mini game panels at my home base, but I hadn't done anything thing for them to appear. Any clues?
  8. I don't understand your dislike of the release model, your game won't be fixed any faster, kind of a moot point.
  9. Xbox users were complaining after 3 weeks, pc users are complaining after 12hrs. Lol let Devs do what the do best. I'm guessing they wait to hear when Xbox gets the update before they release the steam one. It's a good model to release the same update at the same time, especially for bug reports and yes I was one of the people advocating for consistency, so shoot me ?
  10. See if you can place a printer on your truck, that's coming. Just don't know when
  11. This guy made one post then never came back. I think this thread is done.
  12. Seems I can't continue this game review. It hasn't saved, So here I go again.
  13. It's not something I've done intentionally, I wouldn't even know how.