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    Autonomous Cargo Shuttle

    I like these ideas. Make launch pads nameable so you could select the target.
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    My Take on 1.0

    I have 165 hours clocked so far. A fair chunk since the 1.0 release. I've been to every planet now except Barren (can't recall the new name) and the main Exotic planet (I've been to Novus). I have not dug to the core of any planet yet. Overall, I've researched most of the tech tree and used most of the items/machines available. I have not fully powered the giant purple structure yet; that is my next major goal, then I will call my game play feature complete. Regarding Terrain 2.0: I love the new look and feel to all the planets! Everything is greatly different from T1, which is fantastic. I most enjoy the new Irradiated and new Tundra looks. The irradiated is by far my favorite because it really pushes the envelope. I enjoy that wind is sporadic, the clouds can really inhibit light, and the overall 'atmosphere' is dim and alien. This planet actually makes me seek out the worklight. Even in caves I don't care about that light, so I'm glad it will potentially get some use from me. Irradiated also requires me to devote far more energy and resources to using the medium generator since the other options are far less stable. I hope you continue to push the boundaries regarding the look and overall feel of planets. I LOVE the addition of the different hardnesses of the dirt. That was a fantastic and simple addition to the game that forces us to think about enhancing our tech. Super great! A thought regarding a solar system. Randomize it. Guarantee that most resources can be found, but do not guarantee that there will be the same exact planets every time. I think that would add a level of replayability and fun. Vehicles: I love the tractor! In fact, I'm skipping over the medium rover now because I don't think it offers me anything the tractor and some trailers can't handle. I especially like that it can hold the drill up front and there seems to be some design behind that capability. HOWEVER, the drill on the front of the tractor seems a bit too wild and crazy to me. Firstly, I do not think the angle of drilling should be controlled by the camera angle. That's way too finicky. Use the arrow keys. Give us some control there. Then, once the drill has been set, it will stay in that position so that we are guaranteed a stable drilling experience. I know it's high on the list for fixing, but please extinguish the bug that makes vehicles temporarily not respond. If you fiddle with attachments, the vehicle eventually works again for me, so it's not the end of things...Nonetheless. Repackaging can also be a quick, relatively work around. I love the new shuttles! I literally stuffed the large shuttle to the gills....A large rover, a large storage, plus 4 medium storages full of boxes and things, plus one last medium storage. That's a ton! It was great. I landed on Irradiated and felt like I was able to unload a battlecruiser. I turned that large rover into a huge moving energy platform while I picked a location to set up shop. Every once and a while, with things inside the shuttle (I think this was occurring with the small/medium) you'll see the top bit of an item peeking through the shuttle door. Getting that visual bug solved will only add to the experience! Definitely not a major issue by any means. The landing pad is fantastic. A thought...Shift the starting supplies button from the starting pad to the shelter and make the starting pad be the normal landing pad. And only the initial shelter will actually have that button. Also, being able to pick up a shuttle to get it onto the landing pad is just a nice thing. Simple, painless, great. New Stuff to 1.0: Repackager: YESSSSSS. Thanks a million. It is beautiful. Oxygenator: I enjoy this concept. It's enough of a change and a level of planning that I think it useful to the game. Research Assistants: I really enjoy the concept and most of the execution. They offer a challenge, especially starting out. Do not only have resources found on that planet required to open them. That is too easy/obvious. Allow a mouse over to clarify the resource symbol. I like that the different symbols for each resource exist, but some of them are very similar and hard to discern from one another. So a mouse over clarification would be acceptable. Or, and maybe this exists already, create a library of all the different symbols of resources that the player can reference. Even if it only updated as you found resources...That would be fine with me. This has been mentioned in the forums, but a major issue here is the inability to suspend my disbelief. So this company who can just pelt these worlds with hundreds or even thousands of amateur explorers and gobs of technology...Most of which fail XD is also spending so many resources to aid you in researching technology that exists but just needs unlocked......????? Meh...Not so good from a story perspective. Given the existence of those giant purple structures all over....Turn those research assistants into other alien artifacts. Something is obviously going on there...So own it. Angry Flora: Nice additions! I think a more liberal use of these plants would be acceptable, and I hope there are more ideas in the pipes. Currently, seeds are useless, for instance. Seeds could be integrated into the chemistry lab somehow. The bumper plants are fun, but need a level of unexpectedness. Once you know what they are, you avoid them, and they are zero threat. Perhaps they can mimic other things? Oh, this innocuous tree....WHAM YOU'RE FLUNG 30 FEET AWAY. I dunno...I appreciate that Astroneer is avoiding the typical game trope of kill all hostile creatures....But the line could be skirted better for sure. In fact, like the research assistants, perhaps some flora can only be dealt with via the use of our various resources. You give it a resin or jolt it with a power cell or it breathes toxic oxygen or something, and that's how the plant is incapacitated. Digging everything up is incredibly easy after a point....Boost and Wide....Everything is cake. Make more dynamic, non-angry flora as well. Your trailer shows that cool flowery plant opening, but I did not see that until I got to Irradiated and had seen most of the game already. It would be awesome if you produced enough assets that you had a pool to draw from at game generation, and the player was not guaranteed to see every single plant. Non-Angry Flora: Yes! Trees and Big plants and things! Fill up your planets, please! Just the simple addition or trees made Terran appear far more interesting/populated. Things I Continue to Love: The modularity of things is just great. I really hope this side of the game continues. A bigger light that sits on a stand would be interesting. Switch out tires for treads for walker legs....The different drills are fantastic. Resources. Laterite is beautiful. I love its shape and shimmer! So cool. I really enjoy the combo of chemistry lab and atmosphere condenser. I love dealing in those sorts of relationships, so that's an aspect of the game that I really enjoy fiddling with. Exploration. It's fun, and the interest level has improved with T2. More unique things and challenges would be great. Force us to really make use of our canisters and jumping and all that. Things I Want Improved: Shredder/Shredding/Shredables: This needs another pass. Why can't the large shredder take care of a medium platform? Why can't it shred any box of something? Why can't we shred the opened research assistants? Why is it impossible to gather and transport debris? GRR. I'm liking the balance between centrifuge and trading post...But the shredder just makes me mad. I think an electromagnet for the tractor/crane arm would be nifty. It would require a steady stream of power to be used, then it could hold X amount of things, so long as the power is active. That could be a solution. Since the shredders are so power intensive and finicky, I don't really like putting them on rovers. Another thought was a compactor....Or use the repackager. Things get shoved into a box, then you grind up that box. Seems viable to me. Atmosphere Condensers and Magic Canisters: Just force us to have and use the canisters. I like the different shape to designate gas inside...So the current canisters, once filled with gas, simply fatten. Same with the production of Hydrazine....Require an empty canister. Otherwise, stop with the magical canisters. You have them, use them. Astroneer, in part, is about planning and using resources, items, and space....Let us keep doing that. It really doesn't seem too fiddly to me. Tractor. While I love its addition, it seems a bit confused. A bit bigger, perhaps? It also moves too fast? And by moving too fast, it means every tiny hill becomes a wild bronco trying to buck you off. The tractor shouldn't be bothered by that so much. Tractors, in my mind, are steady, powerful work horses. Less about the getting around and more about getting -things- around. Smoothing. I would like a mod (or even base ability) to allow us to smooth. Yes, there's the flatten function, but that is pretty extreme sometimes, and it also fights against the curvature of the planet pretty quickly. Just a way to smooth a path so that my driving about is less stressful and much easier to accomplish. Thanks for this wonderful game! Keep up the good work! And I can't wait for the next round of content!
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    My Take on 1.0

    A solid idea, I think
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    Hydrazine efficiency

    Perhaps. Keep in mind that hydrazine is essentially renewable once you are well established, whereas the aluminum for the solid fuel thruster is harder to come by.
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    Soil types and resources

    +1 I definitely like the idea of collecting the hard soil for use in the centrifuge. I think that's a great idea! Or even an upgraded version of the centrifuge. Or perhaps in combination with the chemistry lab? A way to get some of the second tier resources more consistently could be nice!
  6. The repackager is an amazing addition. I agree with your smoothing idea. I also think that could be useful! Especially for the creation of "roads" for my vehicles.
  7. +1 Starting on different planets could also be nifty. Especially since they've spread resin and compound throughout.
  8. I played for about 30 minutes. Given that there's no impetus for building, I think that's plenty. I'll patiently wait for the full release to fully explore! First impressions: I turned to the side from the initial start and I was immediately struck by the newness of the topography. It was not a shape I was used to seeing in Astroneer. It was great! I have nearly 150 hours clocked on Steam, so it made the game very new again. My immediate thought was to find a tunnel and go spelunking. I strapped a full backpack of oxygen tanks and carried a resin for a mid-trip oxygen filter and went down. The caves also felt new and interesting. This particular change stuck with me from the initial discussions in the last video with Adam discussing Terrain 2.0. The claustrophobic nature of the first level of caves was a pleasant change. I think Astroneer could really capitalize on the idea of nearness to the player as they dive underground. Even above ground in some instances. Every cave should not be huge and cavernous. Make us dig a bit to access the full path of the cave. I'm fine with that. All new and exciting! I dug down further. The second layer was also quite nice. I enjoyed the change in shapes. This layer was much more geometric. The ground had crystalline like shapes. I actually really felt compelled to jump in this layer. Skipping from section to section was nice. This layer felt quite different from the first cave area. Finally dug into the core area. It was massive. Felt very cathedral like, and I appreciated that. It imparted a sense of wonder, and I will build a base in this layer someday. Thinking about the effort to dig down and transport everything and the time to travel to and from...That's daunting. My one issue with this layer (and maybe even the second, now I can't remember) there was a visual bug where it appeared as if the sun was penetrating all of those "miles" of rock. If it's intentional, I want some explanation. Flora that emits lots of light, or glowing crystals, magma...Something. Just having the inner catacombs of a planet lit by the sun is ridiculous and offputting. I did appreciate the views, but make me work for them. I need some lights strapped to my person so I can illuminate the darkness. Kudos for drastically changing how Astroneer looks! I hope that this really improves the diversity on any given planet, but also makes each planet feel hugely unique beyond some color differences and slight differences in topography as is the current state of the game. I also hope that the different layers of a planet do not behave similarly from planet to planet. If the first is cramped, the second is less so, and the third is quite open every time....Meh. That would be lame. A tunneling vehicle now seems more necessary. Or making the drill on the front of a rover actually work in a useful way... That's all I have. Like I said, I can't wait! Hopefully I don't have anything important going on in February.
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    Power nuggets: gone but not forgotten

    I like the idea of having generators only activate when something needs power. I agree that on/off is tedious and not adding anything useful right now.
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    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    This even happens in single player. I've mined out an entire vein, but I still see the resource icon over the pit. Make those deletable somehow? Or just make them disappear when all the material is gone.
  11. This sounds pretty awesome! The only criticism would be the difference between canisters in a stack on your backpack and getting filled with dirt. As a canister is filled, would a new one get put on the nozzle and begin to fill, pulled from the stack? The idea is neat for sure! I really hate that they currently make canisters out of thin air. Boo.
  12. I'm sorry that happened to you, but dang was that funny.
  13. syterth

    Crafting ammonium from Nitrogen

    I agree with you! Hydrazine is very important and ammonium is the bottleneck. Ultimately that bottleneck is related to gathering. My thought was the top tier of the soil centrifuge, but I like your crafting version much better. It forces the player to have a lot of components in place, but makes it possible to perpetuate space travel.
  14. syterth

    Lost/Forgotten Tech

    That lawnmower idea sounds exceptional.
  15. syterth

    Do away with teathers

    I think this is ultimately an optimization thing. Tethers are incredibly important to this game. It adds tension to exploration.
  16. syterth

    Periodic Table of Elements

    I really like this idea. It could serve as another way to earn bytes, honestly. It could be an upgraded form of the research chamber, perhaps? Catalogue the different research balls, the different resources, even the different research samples. Put the spiker seeds in there. Make the other plants drop similar items. I'm all for this. A way to add achievements without actually adding achievements.
  17. syterth

    Space Station, Planet Survey , Satellite

    I really enjoy this idea! I''m all for a satellite. You could use it to scout ahead of an interplanetary mission so that you aren't blind as to where iron is or what have you.
  18. Love it! Not being able to shred everything is really demoralizing the first time you realize it isn't possible. A repacker would also be amazing. It would make huge base moves possible, which would be fun, I think. A laser cutter mod to break things down also makes sense.
  19. syterth

    Confusing colors

    I still think they could distinguish them better. Mousing over is certainly nice, but I think a more notable color difference rewards experienced players, whereas the mouse over is for new players.
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    Shuttle Storage Expansion

    If they stuck a two-slot on the back, I think that would be perfect. You could attach a research nugget, a bigger energy producing module or a medium storage. Then, when you upgrade to a bigger ship, you can either use that side spot or the normal bottom spot, but not both.
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    Quick Feedback on the Drop Pod.

    They should make it upgradeable.
  22. syterth

    Serious Concern with Progression

    I just found the hovering description of locations. I think there should be a planet section that tells you things about each planet. Honestly, I'd like them to implement a satellite that you launch to other planets to learn about them. I think that would be much more interesting.
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    So we have to take a leap of faith to get iron?

    I don't take issue with the single use rocket. Plan ahead... Iron does seem to be a bit too much of a gateway resource.
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    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    I'm really enjoying the new update! The resources are a great addition, and I'm excited what you unveil with more development. This is certainly a good foundation for a lot more content. I think clay and/or ceramic should factor in earlier in play. I found a lot on terra, but couldn't use it for a while. So that seemed a bit silly to me. I like the single use rockets, but I was put off a bit when I upgraded to the medium spaceship and it automatically had hydrazine. I think each spaceship should have a rocket slot on the bottom (or perhaps even multiples) where you can swap out the rocket of choice. When I upgraded, I wasn''t quite ready for hydrazine production, so the ship just sat for a while and was generally in the way. Which leads me to my next point, please create a craftable landing zone where we can choose to land our ships. This would open areas on, say, Barren where we couldn't land before. It would also allow us to not stack ships on top of each other. ***For those reading this, just turn your vehicle bay, and your ship will land in front of it.*** That's a work around, but it's silly. Plus that landing pad thing you created isn't being used right now...So.... Why are gases not being put into the canisters you created? That is so silly. I don't care if I have to make a thousand canisters, make me use them. It pushes me out of the game now, since we have canisters, but you do not use them. And since the soil centrifuge can always get use the materials we need, canisters are easily created. Perhaps add a recipe to the medium printer to print 4 canisters at once or something like that. I think that could be nice. I like the coal -> carbon change. That feels accessible. I also like that organic can become carbon. I haven't tested the medium generator yet. Is the shift from organic to carbon worth the crafting time? I hope it is. Aside from the canister thing, I think my biggest issue is that you cannot see recipes without looking at the chemistry lab and you cannot see gases without seeing the atmosphere condenser. Make those observable in the catalog. Make us put together a satellite that we can launch into space so we can scout planets ahead of launching there. I think that would be cool. It would give us atmosphere data, it could also hint at planet resource content. I don't think you need to tell us everything, but certainly hint at it. I believe modularity is on its way eventually. What I'm seeing now (the boosters and the chemistry lab) makes me hopeful that modularity is awesome. Speaking of that, I found this awesome crash site on Barren where it's an impeded base that sticks up like a flower or something. It has a platform up top with storage spots and perhaps the top could even be a landing pad. It also had electrical cables you can pull out at the bottom. IT WOULD BE SO COOL if you could upgrade your home base into that thing. Extra space, a place to land a ship. I think that would be sweet. It was really cool to just find that thing. I hope more usable wrecks exist currently for me to find. When I went to Barren, I turned that into my base of operations. It was fantastic. One last thing, someone mentioned spreading out the resources so that rovers were more necessary. I agree wholeheartedly. The worlds feel huge already, so this would enhance that quality of the game. Make us work a bit harder. Additionally, I think a little cart you could build for the buggy might be cool. More research, more resources/crafting, then you can haul a medium storage or a research nugget. Seems acceptable to me. Keep up the great work! A few extra thoughts I forgot: I'm not enamored with the trade platform. I like that it was nerfed. What I don't like is that using the shredder for scrap is so time intensive and clunky. For one, it's impossible to haul stuff. (Yeah, yeah, winch, but meh :P) A thought there is an electromagnet attachment for the crane. Like the winch, but it requires a power source to maintain the magnet. Scrap is good...Perhaps it can be converted via the chemistry lab into other metals. Different gases plus two scrap equals 1 iron or 1 zinc. Etc. That could be an interesting avenue. The trade platform and scrap interaction, as it stands, isn't working. 1:1 scrap to ammonium? Meh. I think ammonium should be craftable from a machine, as well. Like max end of the soil centrifuge? So it takes some work, but if you have the mods you can fill canisters easily and get ammonium that way? In shifting to hydrazine, ammonium was the biggest bottleneck. And that bottleneck was mostly just the time it took to get to the deposits I knew of.