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  1. syterth

    Resource Canister Improvement

  2. syterth

    Thoughts on Automation

    So this is partly my thoughts, and partly a cry for help. Here's the help part: I do not understand how to get the three sensors to work. I haven't had any success. The sensors are not intuitive, and the bits of instruction given have not offered me any assistance whatsoever. So if anyone would give me a tutorial on how they work, that would be amazing. Given that, the sensors need another pass. They need to operate in such a way that you read what they do and they then work appropriately. Now, on to my thoughts. Since I can't get the sensors to work, they aren't worth my time. I like the auto arm, especially with the soil centrifuge. It allows me to pump out materials quickly with little to no effort in moving things around to allow for space. Hopefully I can get the storage sensor to work, because then I can get my hydrazine factory rolling. That's the most I'll really do for automation, honestly. Nothing else in this game really requires it as things currently stand. I just built my first autoextractor, and everything is going well. I enjoy this machine. I started a fresh game to try out automation. I've been to Desolo and Glacio only so far, and that's plenty to get the autoextractor. It feels like the correct level of technology. It also encourages me to reach out to different places with a little bit of infrastructure so I can power an extractor. It all seems good to me so far. The best addition to the game, hands down, is the storage containers. They are absolutely amazing. I carry one to wherever I need to be, set it down, and get to harvesting. In no time, I've filled it up with whichever resource I need, and I'm off to resume crafting and exploring and etc. I haven't tried every small item, but I think the storage container needs to be able to hold more things. Or another type of storage should be made available. Why can't I stash lots of packaged research into a container? That would make exploration runs even more feasible. A gas storage container would make sense to me. I really like that the research chamber stays ON always now. It's a very minor change, but I like it. The next thing I'd like to see are queues added. So with the soil centrifuge, as an example, set up an order: Resin, Graphite, Compound. Then, assuming there is enough soil to fill the centrifuge each time, the machine will work until the queue is done or it runs out of soil. Likewise, I think the chemistry lab and even the various printers could all work similarly. That is some automation I could really get behind. Then you can set your base up to craft while you run off to collect more research or resources or whatever.
  3. syterth

    Automation Improvement Ideas

    This all sounds good to me. It would create a level of consistency throughout the game, which I think would be useful. I really like the idea of a packager base item. It would make loading up for the next planet easier. It would make research easier to transport. It definitely has a place in the game.
  4. syterth

    Able to change orbit around planets

    +1 This would be a great addition! Especially if we had to research, build, attach, and fuel thrusters for our shuttles.
  5. syterth

    An Automation Idea

    I think Astroneer has the potential for some minor automation as the game currently stands. The primary way automation could be used is for organization and recipe crafting. The item I'm suggesting would have a radius or somehow move about your base. It would essentially be a Base Manager. It would be a series of grabber claws that can easily and efficiently move items from one area of your base to another. If anyone plays Factorio, it resembles the logistic bots/network in my mind. Once the module or item has been crafted, you can start designating platforms for certain items. For example, you would assign all smeltable items to your Smelter. Whenever one of those items is placed elsewhere, the Base Manager grabs the item and sends it to the Smelter, which will then go to work cooking things to their final form. Assign resources as you see fit throughout your base. Additionally, you could assign your Large Printer to create a Large Rover, and so the Base Manager will coordinate all available modules and resources towards that goal. It will plug things into the Chemistry Lab and send those new resources over to the Large Printer for construction. An additional possibility would be unloading resources from your backpack. You step into range of the Base Manager and it will unload any resources you have that you did not designate for your backpack. Let's say you designate four canisters for your backpack and a compound for your printer slot. You are coming back from exploring, your canisters are full and you also have 6 ammonium on board. The Base Manager snatches away the ammonium and the four canisters. The ammonium make their way to the Chemistry Lab to become hydrazine and the four full canisters are replaced with four empty canisters. Wash/rinse/repeat. The Base Manager would require constant power, like other modules, otherwise organization shuts down. Additionally, I think a ground based data tower would be required for on-planet interaction with your base from a distance. Likewise, a data transfer dish and a satellite system would be necessary to allow interplanetary interactions from afar. The satellites would be solar powered with batteries attached. Or you could switch those out for RTGs so that power is totally reliable. It would be interesting to see satellites be blocked by their orbit path, unless of course you create enough satellites to guarantee constant information transfer. Likewise, if the satellite runs out of juice and cannot currently get solar power, tough cookies. Aside from the new objects, everything mostly works with the existing game and concepts. I really enjoy Astroneer for its resources and resource management, but as the game progresses, I think it would be awesome to offer some automation so that you can more quickly return to the world at large in pursuit of research or junk or specific resources. This would also allow you to produce more advanced technologies without overseeing every item transfer, button press, and so forth. I'd also love to see more interactions from a distance due to advances in communication technologies available to our Astroneers. That just seems like it would be really cool!
  6. syterth

    Extra Large Shredder

    This thing should be able to shred everything in the game. I'm still sad I can't shred down my old, lesser shuttles. I can't shred old, lesser large platforms...Could you give us a way to break these things into smaller pieces? I made a new game just to grind to the extra large shredder, but I'm mostly disappointed. It doesn't really add anything that noteworthy. I do really like the extra large platform. Now we just need more extra large things to put on it...
  7. syterth

    Autonomous Cargo Shuttle

    I like these ideas. Make launch pads nameable so you could select the target.
  8. syterth

    My Take on 1.0

    A solid idea, I think
  9. syterth

    Hydrazine efficiency

    Perhaps. Keep in mind that hydrazine is essentially renewable once you are well established, whereas the aluminum for the solid fuel thruster is harder to come by.
  10. syterth

    Soil types and resources

    +1 I definitely like the idea of collecting the hard soil for use in the centrifuge. I think that's a great idea! Or even an upgraded version of the centrifuge. Or perhaps in combination with the chemistry lab? A way to get some of the second tier resources more consistently could be nice!
  11. The repackager is an amazing addition. I agree with your smoothing idea. I also think that could be useful! Especially for the creation of "roads" for my vehicles.