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  1. So this is partly my thoughts, and partly a cry for help. Here's the help part: I do not understand how to get the three sensors to work. I haven't had any success. The sensors are not intuitive, and the bits of instruction given have not offered me any assistance whatsoever. So if anyone would give me a tutorial on how they work, that would be amazing. Given that, the sensors need another pass. They need to operate in such a way that you read what they do and they then work appropriately. Now, on to my thoughts. Since I can't get the sensors to work, they aren't worth my time.
  2. This all sounds good to me. It would create a level of consistency throughout the game, which I think would be useful. I really like the idea of a packager base item. It would make loading up for the next planet easier. It would make research easier to transport. It definitely has a place in the game.
  3. +1 This would be a great addition! Especially if we had to research, build, attach, and fuel thrusters for our shuttles.
  4. I think Astroneer has the potential for some minor automation as the game currently stands. The primary way automation could be used is for organization and recipe crafting. The item I'm suggesting would have a radius or somehow move about your base. It would essentially be a Base Manager. It would be a series of grabber claws that can easily and efficiently move items from one area of your base to another. If anyone plays Factorio, it resembles the logistic bots/network in my mind. Once the module or item has been crafted, you can start designating platforms for certain items.
  5. This thing should be able to shred everything in the game. I'm still sad I can't shred down my old, lesser shuttles. I can't shred old, lesser large platforms...Could you give us a way to break these things into smaller pieces? I made a new game just to grind to the extra large shredder, but I'm mostly disappointed. It doesn't really add anything that noteworthy. I do really like the extra large platform. Now we just need more extra large things to put on it...
  6. I like these ideas. Make launch pads nameable so you could select the target.
  7. Perhaps. Keep in mind that hydrazine is essentially renewable once you are well established, whereas the aluminum for the solid fuel thruster is harder to come by.
  8. +1 I definitely like the idea of collecting the hard soil for use in the centrifuge. I think that's a great idea! Or even an upgraded version of the centrifuge. Or perhaps in combination with the chemistry lab? A way to get some of the second tier resources more consistently could be nice!
  9. The repackager is an amazing addition. I agree with your smoothing idea. I also think that could be useful! Especially for the creation of "roads" for my vehicles.