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  1. I played for about 30 minutes. Given that there's no impetus for building, I think that's plenty. I'll patiently wait for the full release to fully explore! First impressions: I turned to the side from the initial start and I was immediately struck by the newness of the topography. It was not a shape I was used to seeing in Astroneer. It was great! I have nearly 150 hours clocked on Steam, so it made the game very new again. My immediate thought was to find a tunnel and go spelunking. I strapped a full backpack of oxygen tanks and carried a resin for a mid-trip oxygen filter and went down. The caves also felt new and interesting. This particular change stuck with me from the initial discussions in the last video with Adam discussing Terrain 2.0. The claustrophobic nature of the first level of caves was a pleasant change. I think Astroneer could really capitalize on the idea of nearness to the player as they dive underground. Even above ground in some instances. Every cave should not be huge and cavernous. Make us dig a bit to access the full path of the cave. I'm fine with that. All new and exciting! I dug down further. The second layer was also quite nice. I enjoyed the change in shapes. This layer was much more geometric. The ground had crystalline like shapes. I actually really felt compelled to jump in this layer. Skipping from section to section was nice. This layer felt quite different from the first cave area. Finally dug into the core area. It was massive. Felt very cathedral like, and I appreciated that. It imparted a sense of wonder, and I will build a base in this layer someday. Thinking about the effort to dig down and transport everything and the time to travel to and from...That's daunting. My one issue with this layer (and maybe even the second, now I can't remember) there was a visual bug where it appeared as if the sun was penetrating all of those "miles" of rock. If it's intentional, I want some explanation. Flora that emits lots of light, or glowing crystals, magma...Something. Just having the inner catacombs of a planet lit by the sun is ridiculous and offputting. I did appreciate the views, but make me work for them. I need some lights strapped to my person so I can illuminate the darkness. Kudos for drastically changing how Astroneer looks! I hope that this really improves the diversity on any given planet, but also makes each planet feel hugely unique beyond some color differences and slight differences in topography as is the current state of the game. I also hope that the different layers of a planet do not behave similarly from planet to planet. If the first is cramped, the second is less so, and the third is quite open every time....Meh. That would be lame. A tunneling vehicle now seems more necessary. Or making the drill on the front of a rover actually work in a useful way... That's all I have. Like I said, I can't wait! Hopefully I don't have anything important going on in February.
  2. syterth

    Power nuggets: gone but not forgotten

    I like the idea of having generators only activate when something needs power. I agree that on/off is tedious and not adding anything useful right now.
  3. syterth

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    This even happens in single player. I've mined out an entire vein, but I still see the resource icon over the pit. Make those deletable somehow? Or just make them disappear when all the material is gone.
  4. This sounds pretty awesome! The only criticism would be the difference between canisters in a stack on your backpack and getting filled with dirt. As a canister is filled, would a new one get put on the nozzle and begin to fill, pulled from the stack? The idea is neat for sure! I really hate that they currently make canisters out of thin air. Boo.
  5. I'm sorry that happened to you, but dang was that funny.
  6. syterth

    Crafting ammonium from Nitrogen

    I agree with you! Hydrazine is very important and ammonium is the bottleneck. Ultimately that bottleneck is related to gathering. My thought was the top tier of the soil centrifuge, but I like your crafting version much better. It forces the player to have a lot of components in place, but makes it possible to perpetuate space travel.
  7. syterth

    Lost/Forgotten Tech

    That lawnmower idea sounds exceptional.
  8. syterth

    Do away with teathers

    I think this is ultimately an optimization thing. Tethers are incredibly important to this game. It adds tension to exploration.
  9. syterth

    Periodic Table of Elements

    I really like this idea. It could serve as another way to earn bytes, honestly. It could be an upgraded form of the research chamber, perhaps? Catalogue the different research balls, the different resources, even the different research samples. Put the spiker seeds in there. Make the other plants drop similar items. I'm all for this. A way to add achievements without actually adding achievements.
  10. syterth

    Space Station, Planet Survey , Satellite

    I really enjoy this idea! I''m all for a satellite. You could use it to scout ahead of an interplanetary mission so that you aren't blind as to where iron is or what have you.
  11. Love it! Not being able to shred everything is really demoralizing the first time you realize it isn't possible. A repacker would also be amazing. It would make huge base moves possible, which would be fun, I think. A laser cutter mod to break things down also makes sense.
  12. syterth

    Confusing colors

    I still think they could distinguish them better. Mousing over is certainly nice, but I think a more notable color difference rewards experienced players, whereas the mouse over is for new players.
  13. syterth

    Shuttle Storage Expansion

    If they stuck a two-slot on the back, I think that would be perfect. You could attach a research nugget, a bigger energy producing module or a medium storage. Then, when you upgrade to a bigger ship, you can either use that side spot or the normal bottom spot, but not both.
  14. syterth

    Quick Feedback on the Drop Pod.

    They should make it upgradeable.
  15. syterth

    Serious Concern with Progression

    I just found the hovering description of locations. I think there should be a planet section that tells you things about each planet. Honestly, I'd like them to implement a satellite that you launch to other planets to learn about them. I think that would be much more interesting.