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    Shield Generators

    Rather than fuel, if this were to be implemented, i would assume it would cost power, and a lot, enough to train the bigger batteries very quickly. For gameplay balance.
  2. Celesina

    Hunger and farming system

    In my opinion, you already have to deal with power and oxygen, hunger isn't needed for this game.
  3. Celesina

    Is it a bug or a feature?

    In terms of the habitat module, there is no way of connecting it to an existing base due to the way base extending works. As for space travel when you have 2 players. Once you receive the Fuel Condenser research, you get infinite fuel for the cost of power, making it easy and basically free to fly around in space. Though in regards to the disconnecting/crashing on a different planet. In my opinion it should be a case of, if you crash, it lands you in the same location.
  4. Upon crashing/disconnecting as a non-host, you leave behind the items in the backpack (understandable), but you also leave behind your terrain tool which is unremoveable. After multiple crashes/disconnections, the map quickly becomes littered with them.