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  1. I say it should be automatic when you have them available.
  2. I still thing the large solar panel array should be a researched item. Find the crash site, bring a research pod back to base, unlock it on a research platform and build one (per research pod) on a special platform.
  3. Variations of this have been suggested multiple times. The devs seem to be opposed to anything that makes travel and navigation easier though, so don't hold your breath.
  4. They really need to be unlocked functions, not add-on bits.
  5. Requested many, many, many times with no real indication of it ever happening.
  6. That would violate he Devs general opposition to any type of navigation enhancement.
  7. I would prefer that augments be unlocked functions for the tool instead of add-ons for it.
  8. This has been a constant request and I'm pretty sure it is one the list for the future.
  9. Would it be possible to start with the canister already available on the backpack? Under the current system it is impossible to smooth or alter terrain other than digging holes until after you have built a research platform and researched canisters.
  10. Drop a beacon near the base and land the shuttle there. But yeah, this is a problem that needs to be fixed.
  11. A 2 connection silo or bin for vehicles would be nice to have. Once its filled just place it on the extractor pad to fill the machine.
  12. I like this idea. I've had a large rover carrying a total of 72 cans of sediment before and had the same problem. Some kind of bulk storage silo would also be helpful.
  13. Which brings up the suggestion of picking how many you want from the processor.
  14. Thanks to the mineral extractor you don't need to store resources, just spin up what you need on demand.