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  1. Has anyone tried hosting the game on Windows 10 and having Xbox users join them? I tried it out last week but no one seemed to be able to join my game.
  2. There was a post on Reddit about this with screenshots:
  3. over 500 now? man I haven't looked in like a day or two and it's gone up by like 200 lol. Before the game came out there were I think 9 of us in the club and it exploded haha.
  4. If you're looking for console people to play with, it would probably be worth joining the Astroneer club on Xbox One. There's a looking for group option there, and I think the club is over 300 members the last I saw.
  5. Yeah you need to use the 1-seater that you build on the shuttle using the vehicle bay. Jump in using X, and then use LT to target the launch button on the shuttle and use RT to click it
  6. The developer's played soccer with it using rovers in one of their early videos during the Olympics
  7. Wow that's a good set of fixes. That's awesome. Looking forward to them making it to the Xbox
  8. In a multiplayer game we placed 2 "1-seat" seats on the truck, and both players got in. The player who had joined my game accidentally picked up my seat with me in it, and dropped it on the ground. He was unable to pick the seat back up to replace it on the vehicle, and I was unable to exit the seat. I had to exit to the main menu as I wasn't able to do anything in the game, but now every time I try to load that saved game the game crashes me back out to the Xbox menu.
  9. When other people join my game on Xbox one I can't interact with my backpack correctly. Pressing Y opens the backpack and I can view the contents, but there is no aiming reticle to let me pick or place things in the backpack, or create items. To get the pack to work correctly I instead have to use Left Trigger to target myself, and then click Right Trigger. The pack will open and work as expected.
  10. Played a multiplayer game tonight with 2 other players, and when they joined my game they could use my tethers for air, but if they placed tethers of their own they wouldn't connect and supply oxygen. If I picked up the tethers they placed and put them back down again the line would connect.
  11. I get this same issue on game load on the Xbox One. I can grab them and re-slot them in the backpack fine but this happens on every game load.
  12. I just realized playing now that when you put the deformation tool away the dual stick camera controls are what you would generally expect. It's only when you're using the deformation tool that the camera acts differently. Got WAY easier to control if I just hit "X' to put to tool away when I want to spin the camera and then just pull it back out again after
  13. It would be great in some future iteration if we could name the planets we visit that have not already been named This would let you add your own little creative stamp on the universe, and also serve to make it easy to identify where you've been before when travelling in space from one planet to another. Plant a little flag and put the name on it kind of thing.
  14. I thought I saw the option to invert Y from the options in the game menu.
  15. I've been playing Astroneer on the Xbox One (and loving it so far), and I find managing the camera view a bit challenging. The view only rotates when you push the collection tool "icon" to the edge of the screen, and this makes for sluggish turning and view correction when trying to manipulate your camera view. For example you might turn your character on the spot, but the camera continues to face the original direction, and you need to swing it around using screen pushing at the edge of the screen. It would be helpful if we had better right-stick camera control. For example maybe if you c