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  1. Hi all, Is there anyway to create a stickied thread that allows public voting of new ideas so that devs could get a greater sense of the ideas that fans contribute? Does anyone else think that this would be a good idea? Some issues may include what or how ideas would be added, and who would do it. Perhaps dedicated and passionate fans could work with forum admins/devs who may have time to do this for everyone else? I don't think it has to be a necessary voting thing that devs has to implement what is voted for (that's not the intention) but instead is a tool for fans and devs to:
  2. Hello all. Been playing Astroneer a lot lately and have reached a peak. I've come up with some new ideas (sorry if others have mentioned them, props to them and great minds think alike!) Here are some ideas followed by brief justifications: 1) When possible low counts of tethers should merge into a single group of tethers that have room. Why wouldn't they? 2) Reintroduce the Space Station that players originally leave from. It just disappears, as if leaving other astroneers locked in their stasis egg portopottie drop pods! The space station could be a docking point to jump to other s
  3. Hello, here's a list of different bugs I have discovered while not hosting (playing on someone else's server) on PC with Key/mouse. After is a brief summary of context and other helpful info: 1) multiple truck bugs, e.g. getting into a truck sometimes throws the vehicle into the air, or underground and is ultimately lost while the player(s) respawn or "swim" back to the surface.' 2) Not being able to see the thorn hostile things that can kill you while underground (but host can) 3) Tether placed by self not lighting up, but host's does. May be an issue with connecting non