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  1. Hi all, Is there anyway to create a stickied thread that allows public voting of new ideas so that devs could get a greater sense of the ideas that fans contribute? Does anyone else think that this would be a good idea? Some issues may include what or how ideas would be added, and who would do it. Perhaps dedicated and passionate fans could work with forum admins/devs who may have time to do this for everyone else? I don't think it has to be a necessary voting thing that devs has to implement what is voted for (that's not the intention) but instead is a tool for fans and devs to: 1) Organize popular ideas and concepts to improve the game for everyone 2) Provide Devs with a means to gauge fanbase and help articulate suggestions from the community 3) Provide Fans with greater ability to communicate with Devs and their fellow peers. Just a thought! What do you think all?
  2. Hello all. Been playing Astroneer a lot lately and have reached a peak. I've come up with some new ideas (sorry if others have mentioned them, props to them and great minds think alike!) Here are some ideas followed by brief justifications: 1) When possible low counts of tethers should merge into a single group of tethers that have room. Why wouldn't they? 2) Reintroduce the Space Station that players originally leave from. It just disappears, as if leaving other astroneers locked in their stasis egg portopottie drop pods! The space station could be a docking point to jump to other solar systems. Maybe you can send up supplies to it to store and recall later -- emphasizing the (fun) space nomad life. You could also customize your astroneer via costumes, helmets, new backpacks, vehicles, maybe capture some native plants/species/NPCs (sorry). Could also be a hub for merchants from different solar systems -- the severing of introducing other races of the universe limits possibility and entertainment. 3) Again, jump to other galaxies or areas in space. which leads me to.... 4) Introduce more and new celestial objects to visit. Abandoned space ships (yes like space hulks), asteroids rich in rare materials but dangerous low gravity, gas planets (maybe there's something to land on?), Suns (maybeee there's something to land....on or near but you need tech!?), planets with bodies of water above and below ground, volcano planets, planets with vast NPC empires (some are peaceful, others hostile, some are more advanced and others basic (almost like SPORE), worlds that aren't perfect spherical (imaginattttion and F physics), the universe is the limit. 5) NEED ALL CHAT. resorting to skype, or steam in chat is less processing power, ergo more lag. Maybe an all chat and a planet chat (so other players could talk to just who's on their planet. 6) Turbo or other Engine device for vehicles made at printer or vehicle station. One could be for space ships (allowing further travel: increase in ring size when planet jumping and even higher level engines to other solar systems). another could be for automobile like vehicles (faster speed, able to tow more, maybe uses more energy.) 7) Ability to use the drill bit on the front (or back?) or trucks/rovers/etc. Allows tunneling, you should be able to alter the angle of the drill bit (hold right click and move up or down then let go of right click to set it at specified angle?) to allow up/downward tunnels. exiting the vehicle resets the drill angle to flat. 8) Extensions to the backpack (bottom left/right corners). 9) Upgrading suits or Astroneers, maybe a temp jump pack that uses energy, crampon like devices for pioneering mountain and cavern walls/roofs? maybe this is a new platform. 10) Aerial, non-space travel crafts. Ability to deliver goods and to explore planets by air. Presumably a hover or helicopter like design for exploring and basic transportation, and planes for larger hauls. 11) Drill elevators. Perhaps it is a platform. Perhaps it is also a dynamic emplacement (like how the capsule can be moved to a desired location and then placed permanently) which acts as a drill downwards and as an elevator. Allows faster travel to subterranean caverns/bases. two variants, one smaller for people and has only one storage rack, other is larger could fit a vehicle and maybe has two storage racks. 12) Being able to choose where is your RESPAWN place. dying on other planets and respawning many planets away (instead of the base I build all the way back over there) is problematic. Sometimes I have to build a whole new ship just to get back (Hope I build another empty vehicle bay there...) 13) specific landing areas (when you are orbiting a planet) should be a different color to help distinguish the different options you have at your base. Sometimes I end up landing at a vehicle bay with something already there. Other times I land at the space like when you first arrive to a planet that has no base. Maybe there should just be a landing pad platform too. 14) Ability to rotate the planet you are orbiting. More than once my base has been right on the very left of right edge of a planet im orbiting and it is hard to distinguish the exact landing location I intend. 15) When backpack is open you should be to pick up an item, hover it over a spot that is filled with another item, drop into that slot and be holding the other item. Right now you just drop the item. I like pack organization and its a more tedious process to move the item, place the other item, etc. (I know not a huge deal, but it seems more intuitive). Thanks!!!
  3. Hello, here's a list of different bugs I have discovered while not hosting (playing on someone else's server) on PC with Key/mouse. After is a brief summary of context and other helpful info: 1) multiple truck bugs, e.g. getting into a truck sometimes throws the vehicle into the air, or underground and is ultimately lost while the player(s) respawn or "swim" back to the surface.' 2) Not being able to see the thorn hostile things that can kill you while underground (but host can) 3) Tether placed by self not lighting up, but host's does. May be an issue with connecting non-host tethers to host tethers? 4) not being able to pick up items. Some items, usually crafted items in the backpack, can't be repicked up. It seems like it happens only with some crafted items (not necessarily of type, but when it was created -- host makes it, give to me, I drop can't pick it up; I make it, drop it, can't. Will recheck on this one and revise for more specific! 5) The "trade shuttle" on the trading platform sometimes disappears after use. Host can still see it. There is also still a button to send it off for items to be traded (and it will briefly reappear when it goes back up into the sky again sometimes.) -------------------------------------- Also for simplicity here are a few more bugs I've found that happens even on self-hosted server/non-host server: A) Built small space shuttle with vehicle storage on it, how do you get it off? It's a waste and prevents other stuff from being worked on there (bug or am i oblivious?) B) Every once in a while the camera will spin around and back to the original facing very quickly. C) Rover front and back slots (like where charge ports are) not able to be used like trucks. D) Unknowns get researched but provide no blueprint (all is researched but at least get rid of the blueprint if there isn't anything left and replace with resource?) Thanks!