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  1. SpacePotatoe

    Satellites / Transmitting System

    I saw this idea somewhere on forum. We need this!
  2. SpacePotatoe

    Fully Working Space Station

    I would like to see space station but not as a object that you can craft.
  3. SpacePotatoe

    First-person mode

    I agree with that idea.
  4. SpacePotatoe

    [Google Docs] Feature Suggestions Document

    Good ideas, sadly there is no weapons.
  5. SpacePotatoe


    WiseAlexander6, you should change your nickname to just Alexander6 because in your post there is nothing "wise". It may sound to someone as unhealthy discussion but I'm allergic to bullshit. Trust me, I played minecraft. I see similarity only in farms and indicators of hunger (in ideas from above). Anyway, I look on this topic quite often because ideas from above are similiar to my vision how game should look in future. Only thing which I don't need too much is exoskeleton. Mmm... I would also like to see the automation in game. I saw that user @blorgon got some good ideas about it.
  6. SpacePotatoe

    Droid Companions

    I never found it.
  7. SpacePotatoe

    Droid Companions

    Drone in game is good idea.
  8. There should be weapons, simple pvp in special zones but nothing that would make it competitive. I hate stats, rankings etc. in games.