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  1. You shouldn't be able to land somewhere if there is already a shuttle or a ship there.
  2. Please fix the driving in the game and please add a lot more weight and traction to the vehicles. They are so easy to flip or knock around and it's probably the worst part of the whole game. I personally enjoy the driving mechanics from GTA so if you could take some inspiration when working on that, that would be amazing.
  3. I enclosed my habitat in a rock wall to protect from storms and such but when I created a shuttle, it got flipped over and is glitching into my printer. Please fix it as the printer is basically unusable right now.
  4. I noticed that when I leave a game with a friend and then rejoin, I lose all of the items I had with me when I left. Please make it so that returning players can keep their items.
  5. When I joined one of my girlfriends game and the habitat took me to the surface, it took me right through the surface and took me into the cave underneath the spawn. I almost died and was pretty upset. Please fix.
  6. Please fix the driving in the game. The trucks and rovers randomly stop working after driving sometimes. I could be on a flat surface and it will just not let me move unless I get out and get back in. Also, whenever a truck or rover hits a rock, it flips extremely easily and it's really annoying. Sometimes this happens without even hitting anything and the truck/rover will either get stuck in the ground or launched in the air. Trucks and rovers also have this problem when dragging other trucks and rovers as sometimes they will just fall through the earth or get flipped and be ridicul