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    Frame rate drops on Xbox One

    This honestly needs to get fixed ASAP. Almost considering not even playing the game anymore until it gets resolved.
  2. I think that organics need to have more use to it. The only thing I can tell so far is that they are used to power the small generators on our backpacks. It would be a cool concept to be able to build a greenhouse of some kind by first creating glass and structural beams by using compound, and then being able to "farm" organics and use them towards something. I'm basically playing through the entire game without ever having to use organics once.
  3. The smoothing tool is too hard to use - basically impossible to tell whether it's going to build or dig the terrain. Also, there should be a way to independently use the camera while using the terrain tool, because as soon as you bring it out the camera auto-centers behind your character. Sometimes I need to use a birds eye view to see what I am digging below but that makes it difficult when the camera doesn't stay put. I find myself constantly putting my tool away just to readjust the camera.
  4. astroneerjeff

    Frame rate drops on Xbox One

    The more stuff I build, the slower the game gets; basically to the point of the game being annoying to play. I've built a 3D printer, a research lab, three fuel condensers, and numerous large batteries on the resin pods to power everything.
  5. astroneerjeff

    Saving games and manually deletion

    Agreed - or, they should at least keep the save file in the slot that it was created in. For example, I started a new 2nd game so naturally I created it in the second slot, but when I went to re-load it it was now in the first save slot since it was the most recent game that I loaded, and my original game was now in the second save slot. The save files should not move slots depending on what your most recent game is that you've loaded, because without being able to name it, it will be impossible to keep track of where your current game is, especially if you're opening multiple saved files on the same day to check if bugs are consistent between both files.
  6. I had a saved game, and then when I loaded it, the multiple tethers I connected together to explore a cave in the distance were no longer working. I could still see the "rope" that would connect them together, but they were no longer blue, but black. Normally if the tether was out of range, it would not be connected to the next one. I tried to reposition them, and they turned blue once more, but when I was standing right next to them they would no longer provide me with power or oxygen, even though they were working just fine when I logged out of the game the night before. It seems that each time I reload the game, they turn black and will not connect me to them. On a side note, I tried to load my game without saving it to see if it would refresh and restart, but it seemed to save my game right where I was at without saving it. The game seems to save without me going back to the Spaceship in order to save.