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  1. BshonGaming

    I just came back.. wow

    I've been gone for a multitude of reasons, for a pretty long time. My Xbox has recently made me aware of the most recent update. I must say, I love the new changes, and the stability updates. I'm very glad to learn that the game has been updated pretty consistently, and am very excited for the future of Astroneer.
  2. BshonGaming

    Anyone researched Oxygen Tanks recently?

    I've gotten oxygen. Just oxygen. Got it from a crashed ship research crate.
  3. BshonGaming

    Found life (an Angler)

    Is it supposed to do something? It didnt do anything when I found it
  4. BshonGaming

    Features Confirmed in the steam store page

    These have been on the dev created road map for ages man.
  5. BshonGaming


    So I was thinking about your post this morning, and came to a realization. Your Xbox may have failed to completely install the entire patch. At the beginning of this patch, my worlds were not totally patched. For example, I had the vibrancy and graphical update, but I did NOT have the new animations for my characters, new effects for specific modules, and other small things. My Xbox fixed this on its own the next day, but maybe yours did not. So, if it bothers you enough to warrant immediate fixes, try to find ways to fix patches in your games. That's super vague, and I'm sorry for that, but it's really all I got. Or maybe try and contact @SES_Adam or one of the other devs. Since this is a real issue, and not you just complaining that the patch didn't do enough, I'm sure someone will be glad to assist. Hopefully that came out half coherent. Also, don't allow me to speak for the devs. They're nice people, but they might be busy. Other than that, I hope this helps a bit!
  6. BshonGaming


    If youre on a world that was made pre update, the the update doesn't fix your issues. Every update with optimization passes will require a new world. If you made a new world, but your frames are bad, then I cannot help you. I've made several bases on other planets and my frames are still doing pretty good. Not beginning of world good, but still pretty solid.
  7. BshonGaming

    First New World in A Month

    Hey guys, I have created a new world for the first time in a month and a half. My return to the forum did not mark my return to the game, but I finally got back around to playing it. Anyway, I've changed my gameplay style to get as much as I could out of the game between this patch and next. At first, I was all about getting the materials for leaving a planet as fast as possible. Astroneer being the first free roam space game I have ever gotten to play, I was more than excited to planet hop. But that play style didn't leave me a lot to do after I saw every planet! So now, I plan on FULLY exploring every planet, and leaving proof that I have. I am going to make a new game for each planet to avoid frame lag issues. Obviously, I've started on Terran. I have two fully established bases to help with my objective. One underground, next to a forest of research... things. Research Blocks? I don't know. Doesn't matter. My other base is fully established at spawn, a decent walk away from my underground base. So, this should be good! On a side note, does bringing a satellite back to base activate it? I was messing around with winches, and managed to get back to base with one attached. It starting producing energy like a solar panel when it got near the base, and Id like to know if that's just for show. Thanks in advance! I'll be keeping you guys up to date if anything of note happens, so if you care you should look out for that!
  8. BshonGaming

    What's going on?

    Oh, new patch! Now I'm excited. Can't wait to see what's in store, thanks for the answers!
  9. BshonGaming

    Quick Tips

    Don't agree. The game isn't made peaceful by forcing people to be different. Cuss if you want, the game is peaceful either way. In fact, unless you're trying too hard to make cussing apart of your personality, the games peacefulness stays around longer if you be yourself. Also, don't be just funny or just serious. A mix of both is always good. Joke around some, but make sure your points are not lost because of the jokes. Make sure your point is clearly understood, even while you are joking.
  10. BshonGaming

    What's going on?

    Hello all! I've been gone for a super long time. I haven't touched Astroneer in a month or so, and I believe I have been gone from the forums for longer. Anyway, has there been any big news that I may have missed out on? I haven't seen anything in the announcements thread (I just noticed it for the first time as well) and I haven't been able to watch streams or anything. I believe the only thing I've noticed is the Office change for the devs. So, what's going on guys? P.S. Congrats on the office upgrade guys.
  11. A while back I made a thread about bases that taught me some new things, so this one is a simple question/answer thread so I can make sure im not missing anymore information. Is it possible to remove already existing pieces on a base?
  12. BshonGaming

    Lets Talk Bases

    Ayy see! I appreciate this answer. I included that i could've screwed up for this reason. Learned something new. Thanks everyone!
  13. BshonGaming

    Lets Talk Bases

    I like that idea more than just finding it already usable. In all honesty, id be ok with it requiring more expensive materials to fix, as long as i can have one without the printer.
  14. BshonGaming

    Lets Talk Bases

    So recently I began a new world on Astroneer. Fantastic start to the world, resin, compound, and a ton of research units nearby WITH a downed space craft with aluminum inside of it. I go wild, build a full base within ten minutes, enjoying myself a ton. I invite some friends to join, they do, and the fun continues. Then I noticed I had made a bad decision. There was no printer. Well, here's where the discussion begins. Without the printer, you cant make anymore bases. Without more bases, you cant build anymore modules. Your stuck with the stuff you've created. Unless I'm wrong, the world is kinda screwed. Do you guys believe that the printer should stay a necessity for world expansion? Or do you believe that habitats should be possible to be found randomly for personal use? In my opinion, I would rather be able to find more in the world, and create them. The printer being needed forces me to lose one usable module that I would prefer to have early. Also, If I'm wrong and habitats can be made in some other way please tell me. Because I haven't found out how yet.
  15. BshonGaming

    Corny Message For The Devs

    Well, I'm not here for this to turn into an argument on your points, or my own, I just wanted to slip this in. Feed my ego a bit, by forcing my unwanted or needed opinion down your throat. Amazing is opinion based. This game is amazing to me, bugs and all. I've never taken part in a space exploration game that I actually enjoyed. They never meet my expectations. If this game went full release, Id be alright with it. If they stopped working on it, I would be disappointed with the lack of new content, not the use of my money. I'm happy with this game, I'm happy that more is releasing for it. Everything else is just icing for me.