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  1. Badwolf

    10 bugs we had

    Bump for awareness as this is each bug I've run into myself
  2. Badwolf

    Research + Storage glitch

    Welcome to my little hell <3
  3. Agreed, may I ask: PC or XBOXONE?
  4. I've already recreated my character - I wasn't to far along in the game.. It was a slight annoyance
  5. Anyone else notice whilst using the storage upgrade for the truck - that once you put on more then 2 research materials... The truck extension dances? I've embedded a gif here: Dancing Truck Gif's aren't allowed to be attached
  6. I'm a little triggered, as I just located a crash landing
  7. Here's a photo: What I did and how it happened, I ran up to my rover, clicked TAB to enter and it was on uneven plane - result: