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  1. So my solar panel is still stuck floating in space, but the multiple cables that my winch had all disappeared. It is now working perfectly normal again for no apparent reason. I think it did so because of the buggy panel, but that's just my theory
  2. Update on this topic I was leaving the planet, cause I'm tired of it's bugginess. I get to space, and start to look for terran to return home, when I see what is pictured in the screenshots below. Apparently my missing items, or something anyways, catapulted itself way into space where I can never get it again. I think it may have happened when the panels of the planet glitched and separated.
  3. I just tested this and it is somewhat jumpy. I agree with you on that
  4. The same thing happened to me yesterday. It did that even when I attached it to a shuttle and went into space. Then it magically fixed itself. I have no idea what happened.
  5. I am playing on a Windows PC, through Steam So I have noticed that when I enter and exit vehicles with storage units on them, occasionally some of the items in the storages will disappear. A minor inconvenience for me. But just now, on the radiated planet, I was looking at my storages, about to put them on my spaceship and fly home, when there was a thump and all of them vanished without a trace. They are nowhere to be seen. Also, at the same moment, the panels of the world separated like they do on the home planet, where there are cracks where you can fall into the planet itself. Please fix this devs. No clue what happened, but I don't like it.
  6. I am playing on a Windows PC, through Steam So I was playing on Astroneer yesterday, when I finally researched the winch. I made one, slapped it on my truck, and went to go get one of the giant crashed solar panels. I towed it back to my base and started trying to get it into the right position. Eventually it flipped over, and when I tried to flip it back with the winch it refused to move. I tried for a while to get it unstuck, but nothing work. I spent a further 30 minutes this morning trying, but nothing is helping. Also, my winch itself has thrown out multiple cables, neither of which disappear, even when I put in on a shuttle and fly into space. No clue what happened there. Please help me devs.