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  1. Very basic idea. this is how it currently works: you can fill material beyond the legs. which is bad and useless. who needs to do that? this is how i think it should work: The ground can only be filled up until it is level with the legs. not only preventing shuttles from being burried but also gives you level ground to start a new base with when you just landed on a new planet and you don't have a habitat or a bad spawn or something. also minor thing. why does the game say "Aluminum" instead of the more commonly used "Aluminium" only the minority of the world actually use that term. also it make no sense compared to Lithium, Ammonium, Titanium, Astronium, Helium. it's a single "I" i mean come on, it can't be that hard.
  2. TL;DR 1. A Build Mode 2. Angles for base expansions 3. connecting base expansions 1. everyone had that one time where you wanted to pick up something from a base expansion or did something else that would cause it to build one of the expansion blueprints. So why not add a Build mode, which could be activated via a key (for example "B") and only in that mode you would be able to expand or build sturctures, this would also meake the little annoying connectors disappear that follow your camera all the time. 2. another thing is getting bases nice and straight, which is about impossible because for some reason the Camera decides where you expand the base. So you have to line up the Camera in a perfect 180°, 90° or 45° angle manually, which mostly doesn't work. so why not make the base Expansion work wehere you point your cursor at and make it snap automatically in angle steps you choose yourself. for example you want to make it snap into 90° Angles all the time, so the first expansion from the pod can be done in any angle but any following will always be in some multiple of the set 90°. This works great together with the Build mode idea. 3. The fact that i cannot connect 2 existing base expansions to make a fancy grid That'll be all for now.
  3. 1. "Research Minigame" Everytime, i just have to Think about Thaumcraft... 2. Still feel Like Nights should be way more Darker. But good to see that Automation is planned. (also Small Thing, is there an Option to turn that "Notify me of Replies" Automatically On? sometimes you just Forget about it and Wonder why noone Replies.)
  4. Proxy

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Like Seriously, i'm just Drivin gfor like 5 sec. "Oh, a Small Hill" *FLOP* and the Truck is on it's side again.
  5. Proxy

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Rovers and Trucks behaive like they are out of Paper. they Just Fall over themselfs more than they should... like if they had no Weight at all.
  6. Now a Solar Eclipse in RL is the Equivalent of a Full Night in Astroneer, it is Darker, but not really a "Night". What is Currently is: What it should look like (not exactly like this): Early Game Tether also shouldn't Provide that much Light... there could be a sort of End-Game Tether Item, which has More Connection Range and a Bigger Light Radius. I also feel like Planets (except Moons) should have a Visible Atmosphere, so that you can't see the Stars and Planets so Clearly from the Surface during Day, and Only Dimmed during Night. A Good Example for a Working Atmosphere System is SpaceEngine! Day-Night Cycle with a Yellow Atmosphere. And Flying off the Planet during Day, Revealing the Beautiful Sky.
  7. Proxy

    Base Like a Pro

    Well you got 2 Kinds of Storage. T-Storage and V-Storage. This is a V-Storage Unit, because if you Turn it upside Down, it has a V Shape. So, it Should be Obvious why this is a T-Storage Unit. (It's a Upside down "T"). Each V-Storage Unit (VSU, i guess) has 4 2SCs. so you can fit 4 T-Storage Units (TSU...?) on there and get a Total of 32 1SCs, that's quite a lot. (to Clearify, 1SCs are Connectros that can only fit something with... 1 Connector, like Resources (except Research) and Stuff that fits in your Inventory. 2 SCs are Connectors that can fit Big Items (Research, Big Solar Panels, 1-Seats, etc.) AND 1SC Items, like Resources and Smaller Solar-/Wind-/etc. Generators) Man, Shit's Complex yo. i love it
  8. Proxy

    Base Like a Pro

    Holy Fuck, that are some Pro Tips right there. Also, you could just say "Work all the time" since we don't have a Connon Number on How long the Days are when Compared to our RL Times.
  9. Proxy

    Base Like a Pro

    Lol, you were going for a Grid Sytsem on the Right side and on the Left you were like "eh, fuck it" and Gave up on the Grid and just Expanded as you needed Eitherway, that's a lot of Fuel. someday someone makes the Ultimate Research Station. once we found the Motherload of Research-Blumbs
  10. Proxy

    Best Spawn so Far

    The RNG like me sometimes. (Random Number Gods)
  11. Proxy

    Base Like a Pro

    Amazing, i always Wanted a base to have a Shape of a Wild-West City. you know, a single Street in the Middle and All the Stuff is around that one Street. it would Greatly Reduce Walking Times from Module to Module, and needs a lot of Expansion Parts, making Room for Batteries and Solar/Generator/Wind Turbines.
  12. Proxy

    Advocating for no mini-map

    Oh ye, this is Exactly what i mean. nice Pic
  13. Now when you start the Game you got 4 Different Models for the Player. good to see who is Who in Multiplayer... but how about: 1. Making People able to Choose the Same Character, but with Different Colors... kinda like in Smash Bros. (Or Custom Skins/Color Shemes). 2. Making the Different Character Models actually do something, and making them an Unlockable Thing. for example, a Character that has Twice the Inv. Space but is Half as Fast as the Default one. Or a Character that has a Small Jetpack for the Cost of some Oxygen, or a Character that Starts with a Random amount of Inv. Space, Energy Storage and Oxygen (Basically Eden from Binding of Isaac ), or a Character that got twice the Energy Regen rate, but only half Energy Storage. They could be Unlockable by doing Tasks, like "Have 10 T-Storage Units on one Base", "Visit All Planets (and Moons) without Refueling once". Or by Making them Rarly Findable in Crashed Spaceships. the Posibilities are Seemingly Endless. and you can Show off your Sick-Ass Characters that you Unlocked, when you Play with Friends. (Selfmade Breaker. used to Split a Post... i'm fucking Proud of this. you can Freely uses this Breaker, as long as you don't say that you made it.) BREAKER Since this Forum is leaking a Signature Feature, i gotta do this. Threats get Lost very Easily. Here is a Link to my Other Suggestion: Planet Mapping
  14. Proxy


    1:1 THIS, with Oxygen inside. and Connectors to Put Storage n' shit. (ignore the Watermark)