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  1. Basically what the title says, can we have an option to make the tethers auto snap to the longest range when you get near to the max range? It would really help me save time when exploring on foot. Thanks!
  2. I have many of them, but it doesn't store enough for me, I need all the things.
  3. I have trouble storing things, so I had this idea to make a Chest. It would be connected to the central hub thing so you can't put it on a vehicle or stuff. It would be where you use the resin to make the big platform, then use two resin to make something else. The chest would be an option there, and use two titanium to make it? maybe? It could hold 20 or so items and that's it. I made it immobile because having a 20 item chest on a rover or truck would be too overpowered with how the game is right now.
  4. I would like to see this, I got used to the controls now. However, I would much rather have W be forward instead of it being the direction of your camera. Thanks!